Something Tory for Christmas?

A few weeks back I bought the book Unzipped and could not put it down. It is well written, very funny and contains many liberal meems.

Unzipped is the story of a senior Tory’s political life in London and also the story of an unusual marriage. For the anonymous author’s wife declared to him at a political dinner that if he was so inclined, she would give her blessing to him having sex with other women. It would cost him, but she would allow him to seek sex elsewhere, as she was no longer interested in this side of their marriage. This led to an avalanche of sexual experiences and a journey leading the politician to love two women – his wife and his prostitute.

Over the years we have all read about political extramarital affairs but in this book we learn in detail about a world of prostitutes and sex parties. For Unzipped exposes a truth behind party conferences, lobbying, and many members of all political parties – high and low.  As compulsively readable as the Alan Clark Diaries, Unzipped is the perfect book for anyone who’s wondered what really happens behind the façade of Westminster and is looking to give a hilarious gift to a friend this Christmas.



  • I took your advice and bought a copy of Unzipped it was a thrilling and deeply interesting read, and confirmed the ideals of the Libertarian Alliance. It will force the contemptuous and the ignorant to see what the world many consider to be morally beneath them is really like and make many rethink their own values and ethics.
    Rather than reveal the dirt of politics it showed that the media frenzy surrounding fallen politicians is absurd, when considering the author’s emotional discovery throughout the novel and characters within it, who are traditionally considered the moral underclass.

  • Brilliant!!! This political/erotic (it really got me wet) masterpiece reminds me of the French author Micheal Houellebecq. A clear reject of bourgeois values wrapped around his thrilling sexcapades, illustrates the humanity of the powerful, downtrodden and the ridiculousness of the middle class persona. The second half of the book becomes quite psychology interesting and very Freudian. The authors declaration “my mother was a bitch” fits in very well with his choice of mistress and shows once and for all that love isn’t blinded just deaf, perhaps a bit stupid.
    If the author is reading this my number is 07986037785, I will do you for free.

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