Sean on Telly

Several things to report:

1 – I’m on telly this evening. I shall be broadcasting from 18 Doughty Street, the remarkable Internet station. I shall be on at 9:45pm or thereafter. The url is

I shall doubtless be singing a most unpleasant Nunc Dimittis over the departure of Tony Blair from office. Please do try to watch, and do feel free to comment via the e-mail links.

2 – Thanks to a very generous grant from what Madsen Pirie calls on his blog –

( –

“some friends”, I have been able to donate the library of Chris R. Tame to the Economics University in Prague. This was an exceptional library of perhaps 20,000 books, which are now to be of use in a part of the world where funds to buy English-language books are not abundant, and where the classics of our movement are in even shorter supply.

3 – I am just finishing the last revisions to “The Column of Phocas” for my publisher. This is very exciting, as there is to be an American edition next year, and translations into French and German. The revised edition has been pruned of the unrestrained sex and violence and excretory functions, and the long digression on bookbinding has been shortened. This is all for the American market, where readers are apparently more squeamish about such things.

The original edition will be taken off the market in the next few weeks. If you want to buy a copy, do go here: or

Best Wishes,



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