News Release against the DNA Database

In Association with the Libertarian International

Release Date: Thursday 2nd August 2007
Release Time: Immediate

Contact Details:
Dr Sean Gabb (Director), 07956 472 199,

For other contact and link details, see the foot of this message
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The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties policy institute, today denounces the call by police chiefs for people suspected of speeding or dropping litter to have samples of their DNA taken and stored on a British Government computer.

Libertarian Alliance Director, Dr Sean Gabb, says:

“These debates are always set up to look like arguments between those who want to do something about crime and those who want to do nothing. However, we do not need a DNA database to fight crime. What we need is a reduction in the number of criminal offences – possession of recreational drugs, for instance – plus harsh punishments for crimes against life and property, plus a restored right of self-defence. Do this, and crime will fall back to the levels of the 1950s.

“Nor is it certain that harvesting DNA samples from the whole British population would only be used for fighting crime. It gives tyrannical powers to the STate. “You may insist you have nothing to fear because you have noting to hide. That is your choice. But if you consent to this extension, you are not choosing only for yourself.

“Do you want your children on that database? Can you be sure that some demented government scientist two decades from now will not decide that the surest way to heaven on earth is to stop certain people from breeding? Can you be sure that your children will not show up negative on a DNA database that will have enabled an old authoritarian fantasy to be made into bureaucratic reality?

“Are there no criminal tendencies somewhere in your family background? No racial or sexual characteristics that may one day be again be as unfashionable as they have been in other times and places? No bad eyes or flat feet? No predisposition to obesity or illnesses that it will for the foreseeable future be expensive to treat on the National Health Service?

“Do you want grandchildren? Or do you want to risk seeing your genes scientifically combed from the general pool?

“Or do you want your DNA samples handed over to foreign governments? I imagine data will soon be shared between the various governments of the European Union, which means Rumania and Bulgaria and possibly soon Turkey as well.

“Or do you want your DNA samples at risk of theft from thieves?

“The whole idea of a DNA database is abhorrent. The Libertarian Alliance believes it should be shut down and all the data on it wiped. We certainly oppose any extension.”




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  • So many people seem to see a DNA database as A Good Thing. All we need is for DNA data to trap the killer of that Madeline girl and we will have the tabloids screaming for compulsory testing of the whole populous immediately.

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