LA News Release on “Green Feudalism”

In Association with the Libertarian International
Release Date: Thursday 13th September 2007
Release Time: Immediate

Contact Details:
Dr Sean Gabb (Director), 07956 472 199,

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The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties policy institute, today denounces the Conservative Party report Blueprint for a Green Economy as a “blueprint for green feudalism”.

Libertarian Alliance Director, Dr Sean Gabb, says:

“The Conservatives are proposing more taxes and more regulations on the basis of fraudulent claims about the impact of human activity on the climate. There is no global warming. If there is, it is not our doing. If it is our doing, government action is not the answer. But there is no global warming. This whole set of claims is a device to rescue socialism from the failure of its promise to deliver heaven on earth. Shame on the Conservatives for joining in the clamour.

“And shame, above all, on the very rich men who are telling us to tighten our belts in their attempt to ‘save the planet’. Zac Goldsmith, one of the authors of this Report, is one of the richest men in the country. David Cameron and John Gummer are not poor. If all the economic growth of the past century were to be rolled back, their sort would not suffer. If the rich want to travel, they have their private jets and helicopters. If they want to eat fresh fruit and vegetables out of season, they have their vast greenhouses. If they want to do without washing machines and gas-fired central heating, they can fall back on armies of servants and expensive personal generators. If they want entertainment, they can have their private theatres and orchestras, or whatever in our degraded modern culture serve in their place.

“For them, a reduction of the general wealth would be a blessing. It would ease pressure on the roads that they would continue using, and reduce numbers at exotic holiday resorts that would remain within their reach.

“These people talk about making the world a better place. Perhaps they believe what they say. The natural effect of their words, however, would be to make the world a better place for people who have done nothing to earn their wealth other than take the trouble to be born.

“This whole report is a blueprint for green feudalism.”

The Libertarian Alliance believes:

  • That taxes and government regulations are bad:
  • That economic growth is good;
  • That the world will be a better place when every home in India and China has the same levels of income and consumption as North America and Western Europe;
  • That the world will be a much better place when the continued scientific and technological improvement that freedom makes possible have enabled us to establish colonies on the inner planets and in the asteroid belt, and when the conquest of disease has allowed the human lifespan to be extended to centuries;
  • That Messrs Goldmsith & Co should live as their ancestors did – whoring, drinking, gambling, hunting and being beastly to their servants – and leave the rest of us alone.


3 thoughts on “LA News Release on “Green Feudalism”

  1. Well said Sir!
    Goldsmith and Cameron cannot relate to the vast majority of the populus who look forward so avidly to their well earned 2 weeks in the sun.
    They are both covered and suffocated by wealth and privilege do they know how angry am I for their methane ladened comments!
    To hell with both of them and please leave us overtaxed totally dominated by Govermental forces to have one holiday a year without being penalised by extra taxs while they take private jets to their jollies anywhere in the world at their whim

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  3. Grand stuff. People who think, as opposed to emoting publicly (so as to get the media-space and the research grants) according to Nazi guidelines (if you can call them that and not commands) will all agree.

    There is right and there is wrong.

    Global-warm-Monger-Nazis are wrong, and ordinary people, being sovereign in their decisions and needs, are right. This is why Libertarians exist. We have no function whatever, on this planet, except to spread this truth.

    Just as a throwaway, for free, we do not even know if all the “fossil” hydrocarbon “resources” on, and in, this planet, are of biological origin, as is taught by the marxist-leninists, or not. Some clearly are (they contain Oxygen and Sulphur isotope-ratios that indubitably label them as biological originally. Others may be not exactly like this.

    It happens to be raining liquid methane and ethane (that is to say, “Natural Gas”) on Titan. The probe implies that there are more gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons on that moon of Saturn than have already been “found” on Earth.

    Good and honest cosmologists will tell you that the formation of alkanes occurs naturally and exothermically (that is to say, it is chemically-favourable) in nebulae. I could do the sums also, to prove it, and could show you an experiment that does it. Carbon and hydrogen are elements that have been around during the period of the Universe’s history which contained only “First Generation” stars, i.e more than 9 billion years ago.

    we are not running out of “natural” resources of anything, any time soon. Anyone who blames China for building coal-fired power-stations at two a week is a socialist hypocrite.

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