Libertarian Alliance holds most successful conference ever (London, 27th/28th October 2007.) Watch for further reports on here.

Reports are beginning to circulate in the blogosphere and elsewhere of the LA’s best ever Conference. Accounts of it and of the input of particular speakers will shortly feature on the Alliance’s website and on this blog.

Sadly, my rheumatoid arthritis decided to ground me from Thursday last, so I couldn’t be your correspondent as I would have wished.


  • Your rheumatoid arthritis can almost certainly be halted and quite probably reversed by daily intake of 3 to 10 microgrammes of chelated boron.

    There is an exact inverse correlation between dietary boron worldwide and the incidence of arthritis. In countries with high boron levels, there is little arthritis: in countries where the diet is deficient in boron, arthritis of both major kinds is rife.

    Chelated boron supplements are readily available and inexpensive.

    Here’s an offer: try chelated boron for three months. If your arthritis does not improve, I’ll refund your money. I’m 65, and the only illness I have is iatrogenic in origin…



  • That’s kind Tony! I will try to find some; but I won’t hold you to your offer, as you made it purely out of fellow-feeling for a sufferer!

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