Sean re Gillian Gibbons

Sean Gabb 

All the Moslems in this country are patting each other on the back for having got this schoolmistress off her time in a Sudanese jail.

Their representations to the Sudanese Government were all made on the basis that Mrs Gibbons had been stupid and that she had not intended to insult their religion by calling a teddy bear Mohammed.

 having seen the woman wittering away on the telly, I can well believe both propositions.

However, supposing she had intended to insult Islam, would the British Moslem organisations have lifted a finger in her defence? Bearing in mind the laws they are pressing for in this country, I think the answer is no.

For the record, I’d have left the woman to her forty lashes. You may break the laws of your own country whenever you think they are illegitimate. When you go to a foreign country, you impliedly agree to obey even its insane laws.

There – that’s me done on the burning news of the day!

5 thoughts on “Sean re Gillian Gibbons

  1. Impliedly” isn’t in my Collins, but the internets seem to think it’s a real word, so I learnded something to day. I think “implicitly” would have been my choice, but having said that I done English O Level at a comprehensive long before it was knocked down and rebuilt as a Blair Religious Academy, so what do I no?

  2. But anyway, on the subject of the post it self, I too am filled with abject despair that this barbarous demonstration of Islam’s core values has been turned into a propaganda coup for the government funded Muslim insiders. It’s sad how many people I’ve seen applauding that bloke from the MCGB for arguing with the Sudanese ambassador on newsnight. The less extreme extremist appears moderate.

    It’s a bit similar to how PETA look moderate compared to the ALF, even though they are on a non-relative scale psychopathic moonbats, just slightly less son (publicly, anyway) than the ALF.

  3. oh to put it simply, i’m sure she didn’t mean to cause offence: but you know we don’t call our dolls Jesus, – it’s not the way to bring people up if their Chrisian. This has nothing to do with fundemental ‘core values’ -that’s corporate office talk of modern politicians. Religion is about ‘re logos’ recalling god, , and at core is a relationship with truth and natural law, whilst human values change swiftly, and all the time. MOre fundamental than values is the commentary upon the word of god (hadith), which involves all powers of human intelligence.

    Core value is one: god and all creatures.

    Yes it is wrong to cause offence toward people’s religion amongst their community. These things are beyond the scope of a ‘modern’ education though.

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