Councils in the UK spy on 1,000+ people a day

David Davis

The Daily Torygraph does its stuff with the headline subject here. I’m sure that all converted libertarians to whom we preach on this blog will have seen it and foamed at the mouth already.

The DT was kind enough to post an idle musing of mine, early this morning, on the process of logic which causes a real person, a British one probably, to actively seek to take up a job working for a council … doing what?  Spying on others, that’s what; to their potential harm or distress, and to the gain of the spy or council. Here’s what a Tory council did about a family trying to get their 3-year-old daughter a better school:

scan of one of the spy-goons' logsheets



Click on it to get the entire thing. It’s disgusting. It’s not “like” East Germany, or “like” North Korea – it IS those places. Now, here. “Target vehicle” – the f***ING bastards are talking about their OWN PEOPLE here.

“Dog poo” is quoted. I have already inveighed against dog poo here, and the other sort of socialist-trained-person wot causes a pooch to poop outside one’s property and then go away. That’s not the point today; it’s about why a sentient human being, presumably brought up in a still-partly-functioning civil society like the UK, would really really want to apply for such jobs?

Or is it too late, and have we gone too far down the road towards a Third-Reich-style-polity? Daniel Goldhagen’s book, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners“, is illuminating. I found myself teaching with it not long ago, re Kristallnacht.

My point today is that civil society has been so unravelled and degraded by the anti-English, anti-liberal, fascist clique whom we let into power while half-asleep, that we tactly concur in state-corporate attempts to stamp out certain kinds of behaviour that we think we ought to be seen to publicly deplore….even if they are substantively harmless, and the natural result of the very Laws that brought them into being. Such as

fly-tipping” ….. the result of state refusal to continue dealing with certain kinds of “waste” (or indeed any for that matter) without huge charges and increased bureaucracy;

trying to get your child into a better school” ….. the result of State “education” policies – simple as that!

trying to do up your house” ….. 30 years ago the Bulgarians all decided to let their houses go to rack and ruin, because of new laws to allow intrusion by soviets to see if your place was a bit “nicer” than the other hovels, and ought to be taxed more.

Miserable toads, and bastards. F*** them: there, I’ve done it. I never thought I would swear on this blog, but I have. Like Lucy Pinder  finally got round, a while ago, to removing her bra.

How can we be sharing the same nation, breathing possibly the same air, as these PEOPLE? These goons, sneaks, these grasses, these bullies who are even too cowardly to come out and bully properly?

2 thoughts on “Councils in the UK spy on 1,000+ people a day

  1. Dave:

    Goldhagen’s stuff is very questionable.

    A few facts to put this issue in perspective:

    There were around 150,000 Jews in Germany pre-war. The 365 “WorkFare” camps owned and operated very profitably by the SS needed forced labour to maximize production, revenue and profits. To this end, dragnets were put out for almost any kinds of non-conformists — social, religious, political, lifestyle, racial, whatever. And there were always people to inform — anti-gays informing on gays, anti-Masons informing on Masons, anti-Gypsies informing on Gypsies and of course anti-Semites informing on Jews.

    We know from captured Nazi records that, in a typical city of a million people, there would be around 11 Gestapo officers. We have complete archives of who informed, and why. Often the motives were unbearably petty — personal malice, desire to eliminate competition, wanting to get hold of someone’s property.

    When the Gestapo Chief for Paris was captured and interrogated, he was asked how he could possibly have gotten all those French people to inform on their fellow-countrymen. He replied that he just did what his French predecessor did, and opened his morning mail.

    In a 1985 book, Duncan Campbell republished a police memo setting out the parameters for police recruitment of informers. I won’t reiterate the omnipresence of surveillance (and/or cross-checking) but you would soon realize that you have no privacy at all. And if you knew the extent of the Surveillance State, you would freak out.



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