Sean Gabb on “The Politics Show”, BBC1, 13th April 2008

5 thoughts on “Sean Gabb on “The Politics Show”, BBC1, 13th April 2008

  1. You weren’t on for very long, Sean. Shame on them.

    How amusing that Sainsbury’s is voluntarily taking the same road, that leads to the Place of Skulls, that the tobacco firms took in the late 1970s and early 80s.

    When Sainsbury’s arrives at Gol-Goth-‘a, along with what is allowed to remain of Tesco etc, I wonder if the result for us all will be the same as for ciggies?

    I wonder if the (rationed – of course) packs of such as we shall by then be allowed to buy in the way of food, will say on them “FOOD KILLS”?

    I wonder, moreover, if any packaging will be allowed at all? People I knew as a student who said things like … “I’m (I’m … he said – also she did …) going to pass a law which says we don’t need to pay for the packaging if we don’t want to” … are in high places today. No packaging means no efficient food distribution. Look at the USSR and how well that worked.

  2. Dave they don’t *want* efficient food distribution.

    The ideal scenario for the Neo-Marxist-Laborg-Nazi-Coercionista would be tightly controlled food distribution to keep the voteriat under control…

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