This is what gives socialists, redistributors, marxists, other faux-humanoids and stalinists the traction they need, to continue to exist.

David Davis

MY 05 XK   B

This is a  silver-grey 05-reg Jaguar, an XK. Very nice motor, guv… shame if we were to tax it off you then, eh?

I’m not saying that people ought not to have any number plate they like. For statism, in which you have to have whatever plate the state says it is pleased for you to have, is worse. The problem arises when (understandable) envy is stirred up in an underclass deliberately engendered by the same state so as to keep it in votes, power, stolen cash, and clientele to continue to “vote” for it.

People with stuff that could be lost, such as Jag XKs, ought to become Libertarians. They would then have done a thing which says they have understood that the conditions in which they can best flourish (unhindered for ever, by outside gangster agencies like states – provided that they do no harm to others around them) will arrive faster without them behaving like slebs in the face of (a) the created-underclass clientele of the Enemy Class, and (b) attracting the tax-raising-attention of a grasping gangsterized state.

It is extraordinarily silly, and even, soon, dangerous, to walk about in Gordon Brown’s Britain, with a number plate like that. Sorry.

If it was me, I would choose “4” as my number. Then, they would not know who I was.

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