MICROSOFT may be the most evil-intentioned group of humans ever to walk the earth, and…

…it may be hand-in-glove with the Great Satan under Bushitler, in the joint attempt to read everybody’s computers and lives, but…

…your BLOGMASTER would like to gently call “time gentlemen please” on messing about. So…

…please could I ask the generally-friendly commentariat NOT to fill up the comment pages with screed after screed describing exactly how this process is being executed upon all of us, just because I jokily mention Tolkien’s adumbration of browser-hijackers from time to time? This is not a blog about the incorrigibly-evil magicians at Microsoft, nor is it about the satanic-one-worlder-new-orderers who obviously run the USA. this is about how to get g-g-generalised economic and p-p-political liberty in p-p-practice for as many p-p-people as possible.

Thank you all.

David Davis

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