You can’t get more Orwellian than this

David Davis

Something to laugh at behind your breakfast newspaper. All this stuff continues to comfirm that the purposeful destruction of an entire civilisation and culture is the point of the agenda.

It’s either a wind-up, which got released too late for 1st April, or else the Enemy Class is so sure that liberal civilisation is all-but-extinguished, that it is tidying up little details of staggering triviality.

One thought on “You can’t get more Orwellian than this

  1. Yes, the Enemy Class is bent on the destruction of civilization, a task in which they will after several decades of idiocy fail.

    No, it is not unreasonable to ban teddy bear mascots on the front of large trucks. As a parent of relatively young children I can easily see how a young child might run out towards one of the mascots, Tigger more likely, and be hurt.

    At the same time a great many health and safety decisions are idiotic. For example, one thinks of whole lines of trees being mown down for the crime of shedding leaves. Policeman who can’t chase villians in case either party gets hurt.

    However, this particular mascot ban is far from being unreasonable.

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