David Davis Again

Sean Gabb

For the sake of my non-British readers, I will say that David Davis, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, has resigned his seat in Parliament, and will stand for re-election. This is to let at least some
of the British people give their opinion on the administrative detention law forced through by our Labour Government. This law will allow the authorities to lock up “trouble makers” without charge for up to 42 days.
That is, any one of us can be dragged off the streets into a police cell, held for six weeks without charge, then booted into the street, still uncharged, but with our lives ruined or severely disrupted. So what if
trial by jury remains unabolished when all due process of law can be short-circuited in this way?

Here is a brief account of what has happened:


This is an important election. For what it may be worth, the Libertarian Alliance has already given Mr Davis its unconditional support – this in spite of any unlibertarian things Mr Davis may have done or may do in
other areas. Here is our news release:


About an hour ago, I was interviewed on TalkSport UK about the resignation. I spoke against some Labour MP. When asked if I’d like to meet her, I replied that I might have trouble deciding on an appropriate
greeting – whether to laugh at her or vomit over her.

You can listen to the interview here:


If you want to send letters of support or contribute money to Mr Davis’ campaign for re-election, his contact details are:

David Davis
c/o Conservative Association
Haltemprice & Howden Constitutency
32 Main Street
East Yorkshire
HU10 6BU

Phone: 01482 657938
Fax: 01482 657575

It is worth sending letters of support to Mr Davis, especially from abroad. It is also worth letting the British media know there is interest from abroad. The pro-Labour BBC has already started a campaign of
propaganda to suggest that Mr Davis is deranged to call an election on this issue. As was once hoped with regard to Zimbabwe, visible foreign interest might encourage our corrupt media to report the election fairly.


Sean Gabb
The Libertarian Alliance

ITEM ADDED: here’s the “Beverley Guardian” commenting (the local MSM newspaper of Davis’s parliamentary constituency)

5 thoughts on “David Davis Again

  1. I sent an email of thanks, right away. Gosh, Britain, wish we Yanks had politicians willing to resign on principle, especially concerning freedom.

    ‘Be free.’

  2. We also gave our unconditional support to Davis via a press release yesterday:

    I have also written an open letter to The Times this morning, bemoaning their ridiculous stance:

    Finally, if you’d like to see the truly contemptible face of Labour, see here:

    Apologies for the delay, Patrick! Akismet thought your comment was spam and held it, I have only just found it and released it. Our apologies for that. David Davis (the other one)

  3. Sean, that was a splendid interview on Talksport.

    Listening to Geraldine Smith on the other hand made my skin crawl, this character is simply reptilian.

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