If government people and their staff keep getting robbed of their laptops, then they should not be trusted with them.

David Davis

This just in:-

[eurorealist] Hazel Blears’ stolen laptop 
Date: 17/06/2008 19:17:39 GMT Daylight Time
From: muirsimon@yahoo.com
Reply-to: eurorealist@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

“Police cannot confirm or deny that extremist information was stored on
the computer.”

I can help on this.

Hazel Blears is a member of Gordon Brown’s cabinet, so it is therefore
100% certain that she has extremist details on her laptop.



This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, when the laptop of a governmentist-person is stolen. I do not know how many laptops are stolen in the UK but it cannot be many for we are mostly careful about not leaving them in cars etc. Moreover, don’t these governmentists all have drivers who sit there with their car and their stuff? What can be going on?

These people in Westminster are clearly children and need to be protected. I propose a “LAPTOP CZAR”, who has all the state laptops, and nobody else who is either an MP, or a government employee, have any of them at all. then, none of them will be stolen.#

As Auberon Waugh would have said, “I am not suggesting yet that we should shoot all state personnel who take laptops out of the building, but they need to be taught to economise.” A nice idea.

Also this:-

Last week a Cabinet Office official was suspended and an investigation launched after secret papers featuring details of al Qaida and security in Iraq were left on a train.

 If these people can’t be trusted not to get drnk and leave their stuff on trains, then they SHOULD NOT GO BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT, even in a REGION WITH STRONG TRANSPORT LINKS. they should be ferried everywhere by their minders and nannies.



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