Strong and weak horses

David Davis

Interesting takes on the current anti-religious chappie, who is currently pretending to be an “Archbishop of Canterbury”. You either love Peter Hitchens or you hate him, like Marmite or Vegemite. I take no official position on any of these three.

Osama bin Laden, while he was alive, interestingly compared the natural liking, by Men, for a strong horse, with something interesting in a Sartro-Gramscian sense: it was the liking (by other men, with whom he implicitly compared our own western stalinist lefties who try to engender in us and especially our children, an institutionalised hatred for our own culture) for a weak horse.

And here’s some Peter Hitchens’ earlier stuff, on the deliberate destroying of education for the “masses” (have you every wondered why British Wireless Tele Vision “programmes” are so bad and so full of live invective?) and why it’s going on, which echoes something of my writings here from time to time, I am happy to say.

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