Damian Thompson in the Torygraph, on the interesting and threatening advance of counterknowledge

David Davis



  • Why can’t it be discussed in science lessons? It is a theory after all and a very influencial one at that. Surely its better to apply scientific methods to discussing such things, rather than sweep them under the carpet.

    After all, not every theory we use is correct or completely proved to be true. We have missing lings, conflicting (but still accepted) theories . Creationism is just another.

  • Dave:

    It amuses me, that the “Big Bang” creationist mythology, which is anti-scientific and completely groundless (see Eric J. Lerner, “The Big Bang Never Happened”) slips in under the ‘scientific radar, along with “Special Relativity” (born refuted by Absolute Rotation) and “General Relativity” (refuted daily at the LHC, where protons converge at 1.9c).

    John Gribben, “science writer”, even describes most of what we now think to be physics as “nonsense” (truer than is dreamed of in his circles).

    “Classical Mechanics is everywhere exactly “right”, wherever its concepts can be applied.” — Werner Heisenberg.



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