The UK Libertarian Party manifesto, as of today, 17th September 2008

Please read it here.

Libertarians have often disagreed with eqch other about the need for a Libertarian Party in the UK. or even whether forming one is wise. The Libertarian Alliance publicly takes no position either way, since we are a research and publishing organisation, and a think-tank. But my personal views are that it’s time for a party.

Order in the special-brew!

On a more serious note, I will republish links to it from time to time, as the Party’s policies become more fine-tuned.



  • Thanks for the plug, David.

    Considering the ‘interesting’ economic times that we are currently living through, I hope you won’t mind if I draw people’s attention in particular to our proposals for monetary reform (on the Economy page of the manifesto)?

    Although somewhat different in implementation from proposals made previously at _this_ site, our desired end goal is the same — a strong, sovereign national currency that neither government nor financial institutions can easily devalue.

  • I shall republish it from time to time, Patrick, if that’s all right by you? When I see major changes it will go up again, and again.

    It’s time.

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