Oh dear. We are now worse off than we were yesterday.

David Davis

Cameron “stands ready to work with the Government” on the “financial crisis”. I thought that:-

(a) he was supposed to be in opposition – that is to say, he is to bite their ankle, throttle their windpipe, garotte them,, pull them down and then kick their bloodied faces until they die in the ambulance…. (after all, that is what they have done to him and to us since 1997…and this govmint is a collection of overgrown hoodies after all… would not they actually have been delinquents, aggresso-hippies, lefty demonstrators, femaile students who smelled, and thugs, while at “uni” in the 70s and 60s?)

(b) he was to pin the blame for the “crisis” on government, and on Stalinist New Labour regulation and interference.

This will NOT gain Cameron votes. No, not even a poll lead. It is the wrong speech. It will merely serve to continue to identify the Tories with all other (which is to say, leftist) politicians in the UK.

Better the devil you know, eh?

This is something he said:-

Seeking to portray himself as a national leader above partisan concerns, Mr Cameron asked Gordon Brown to bring forward legislation to increase protection for savings and overhaul the rules covering the collapse of banks.

Conservative MPs will vote with the Government in the national interest, Mr Cameron said, dropping earlier objections to some parts of the legislation.

He said: “We are all in this together. Let us stick together and together we will find a way through.”

He added: “Everyone needs to know that we are doing everything we can to help you keep your job, your saving, your pension, your mortgage safe, that we are not playing politics with this and we will always do the right thing to protect your job, and your pension.”

Nah, Dave. You’ve lost it. Sorry. You have just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


Am I the only person who thinks that “Mortgage” has become a “terror-word”, deployed by lefty journalists (most of the buggers as we all understand) to whip up pro-Gordon sentiment to bash capitalism? I thought that, so long as you can pay it ongoing, as per the original terms, then they can’t foreclose, even if they are Northern Wreck. Or has the law been changed while our back was turned?

4 thoughts on “Oh dear. We are now worse off than we were yesterday.

  1. I am not sure I agree with your sentiments, I think it was balanced and mature, that is what people want to see, a united front. I think the public are mature enough to see when someone is trying to act responsibly during a crisis, rather than becoming partisan.

    However, I think he was actually trying to get two other messages across, which may have got lost in translation. That is, the conservative party are not answerable to the city and the CBI and more importantly in my opinion, that he believes there should be a day of reckoning for city bankers, who lets face it, have made some pretty shite decisions.

  2. Dave:

    You don’t seem to understand. They ARE bust now. Their threat is to take the rest of the economy down with them unless they’re given endless tranches og hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ monies, in the hope of keeping the bubble going a bit longer.

    Crony-capitalists don’t live in the same world you do, Dave. They live in fortified mansions and gated communities with private guards.

    They have executive jets and armed men on call to evacuate them and their families to safer places if necessary. They are completely indifferent to what happens to “little people.” How else could they have wrought these appalling frauds?

    Yesterday, they were “Masters of the Universe” with “Greed is good!” as their cry. They got presigious awards and titles from a craven “Establishment.”

    Making the City of London an independent country and floating it off fast might be useful. But the rot is so deep. People don’t “make” money anymore — they “get” money. And those most adept at rigging balance-sheets get the most.

    Sunset yesterday marked the beginning or Rosh Hashanah. Look it up on Wiki… Wall Street closed precisely 777 points down yesterday. Spooky, huh? >:-}

    Do you bank with the http://www.Co-operativebank.co.uk



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