Your Fatwa by phone

…or should it be “Phone-a-Fatwa“?

David Davis

Being a scientist, I am perfectly convinced of the existence of God, and that He is Order, which is what we try to understand, and that He simultaneously gave Form to Order, so that we could perceive Him in time – as indeed John tells us in 1.John(i) . (The “creationists” are deluded. The date of God’s definition of Order is astonishingly further back in time than they pretend.)

The problem is that all these modern D-I-Y-ersatz-“religions” cause such a deal of emontional trouble and trauma for people who get ensnared by them: they don’t sit well with how people really live, in a post-mediaeval civilisation.

I wonder if Christians have a phone helpline? Dunno…I guess this was merely what the priest did all the time, and maybe still does.

I guess it’s good in a way:-

The UAE Government established the call centre three months ago in an attempt to root out extreme interpretations of Islam.

All fatwas issued through the call centre comply with the Government’s moderate religious stance. Any others are considered invalid instructions.

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