I quite agree: what the f*****g hell has the USA got to “apologise” for, and to whom?

David Davis

Gerald Warner asks if it’s just him who’s perplexed by this. And how exactly does electing an anti-Western fascist lefty like Barack Obama, and during a war to boot, which is to say: shooting oneself in both feet instead of one, help either the USA or assuage some kind of mediarati Beltway collective guilt, and about what?

The dude has done nothing except be a lawyer, a political activist (on the wrong side) and collect degrees. This is not what wannabe-Presidents of the most importan nation on earth do, if its people are to be served well – assuming that is what they still want out of a President.

The epistemologically-measured distance between Obama and Pol Pot is less than the similarly-measured distance between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Remember what this dude Obama said earlier, and ask yourselves, especially you Americans who read us, what you’d do about a guy who thinks you are great, and is going to change you…..into what?

0 thoughts on “I quite agree: what the f*****g hell has the USA got to “apologise” for, and to whom?

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  2. Oh come on. That’s frankly ridiculous. Libertarianism already has an image problem, this sort of thing does not help us.

    Obama is not close to Pol Pot. True he’s not the messaiah, but he’s not a mass murderer.

    As for what the US has to apologise for – well its government has plenty to apologise for, starting with the mass murder of innocents in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Supporting murderous thugs because they were not backing the Soviets, killing their own people with the FDA and other stupid regulations.

    The US government has a lot of blood on its hands. Electing Obama won’t make a jot of difference, neither will McCain (I suspect McCain will make things worse than Obama – he’s an anti-Western terrorist thug who wants to destroy freedom and individual independence whilst bombing the shit out of brown people).

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