And here’s Keeley Hazell and Jamie Oliver to entertain you all at dinner tonight…


Firstly, here is the News: JamieOliveOil talks about the EU common agricultural police:-

And Prodicus puts the BBC in its place, as a dinosaur of the MSM.


Go see this topless video first for it is more fun, and concerns your liberty. It is without top.

And I wonder what she thinks about the crown dependency of Forvik?

UPDATE2:- …for future visitors, say in 2009, the LA is a free-market Classical liberal think-tank and policy institute.  This post below was created for the amusement of our London Conference Dinner on 25th October 2008….

So, now that you’re here, why not stay and mine our unrepeatable archive of interesting Classical-liberal postings? Who knows – you might even end up a liberal yourself. And we do still do Keeley from time to time, for your delight and ours, maybe about every couple of days….

and…The Remittance Man carries, regularly, lots of pictures of girls! Not Keeley Hazell but other pretty unknowns, so be the first!

UPDATE:- ….and we even talk about other stuff on this post, more recently, as well as a couple of other pix of her

David Davis

This fairly pleasant-looking young woman seems to have brought several hundred hits to the bolg, merely by tamely repeating “I’m saving the planet” mantras on Sky news. Astounding really, since we are just a think-tank, and we don’t even agree with her with the people who have told her what to say.

And, she’s even from Bromley. Just down the road really. Marilyn Monroe, you are nowhere, stop hanging out with the corrupt, grasping, self-centred Kennedys, and get a life.

As this is a family blog, read by women and children too, ladies don’t take off their bras in front of people they don’t know:-

No, it stays on...

No, it stays on...

0 thoughts on “And here’s Keeley Hazell and Jamie Oliver to entertain you all at dinner tonight…

  1. Dave:

    Fairly pleasant-looking??

    Keeley Hazell is GLORIOUS!!!

    Imagine her spreadeagled on blue satin sheets on a four-poster bed, elegantly tied with white yachting rope, body gleaming with a sheen of baby oil… >:-}



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  3. Dave:

    No! She’s not a “leetle girl”!!! Have you seen her sex video?? I can email you 40 or so shots from it. She does EVERYTHING!! Terrific!

    Actually, I would like to spend a half hour in the shower with her, followed by me giving her a really nice long top-to-toes full-body massage, with the assistance of my Hitachi Magic Wand two-speed vibrator. I can make it last longer for her than you can possibly imagine. (Line from Susan Crosland). Doing this costs me UKP 40 a session in my home town. They should pay ME… >:-}

    More blessed to give than to receive… >:-}



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  5. For a change of pace:

    If you love extremely wilful, strong and good-looking women in really arduous situations, try:

    Some of the girls have the endurance (and the hardbodies) of top athletes, and it’s often impossible to know whether they’re acting or doing it for real.

    WHY they’re there doing what they do is profoundly psychologically interesting.

    You might enjoy giving it a month’s try.

    Beats the Hell out of anything in this country… (smiles)


    Tony (who has Keeley Hazell’s excellent “Sex Tape: The Uncensored Version”).

    It’s still around… WOW!!! What a girl!!!

  6. Dave:

    Are you referring to the “Keeley Hazell Sex Tapes”?? Where’s the beef?

    If you’re referring to “paingate”, all the girls are freely consenting adult volunteers, using “safe words” to stop any unwanted behaviour immediately. This sort of thing is tightly regulated by Statute in the US, the UK and elsewhere.

    The actual scenes are all scripted and “staged.”

    Chris Tame was firmly convinced that such people were ‘good candidates for conversion to Libertarianism.” We discussed the problems with this often.

    Dominatrixes are not overly fond of Libertarianism… In practice, the “submissive” controls the action by what they will actually tolerate.

    Interesting philosophical problems.


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