It’s the socialists…..again

David Davis

India is climbing out of Ghandi-Nehru-induced barbarism and post-1947-reimposed-pre-British darkness, but the stalinists can’t have that. No, it can’t be allowed. For India to be a modern first-world nation will expose their dangerous irrelevance again, and a billion++++ people could be free, and for ever out of their control, if they are not careful. This stuff is no accident.

I just live to see the day when someone will say “thank you” to our civilisation. It is not this day, sadly, and Barack Obama is planning to postpone it for a very, very long time, and this really does matter, for he is about to, possibly drive the world’s most important polity for a few years, and I am very sad about that. (McCain would not be much better but the descent into the cesspool of oblivion and destruction,, under him, would take a bit longer.)

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story, once. Not really about India, but good anyway. Wayland Smith was free to go, as soon as someone thanked him, in the first chapter.

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