We support this. No to protection-money in return for watching the Wireless Tele Vision (er…)

David Davis

Charles Moore in the DT started this thread, and thanks to Samizdata for amplifying it so we could see it.

To a libertarian, the very idea that one is forced to pay a State (or any other) broadcaster what amounts to a fine, in return for either watching or not watching the State channels, or indeed any others which might be available for nothing which is most of them, is anathema.

There are lots of ways in which, if you are prepared to go inside, you can “screen” your Wireless Tele Vision receiving Machine’s IF radiations and those from its other local oscillators such as the line timebase output transformer, from the “detectors”. I may start to put some of these on here for you, when I can find the time to research them. it is unconscionable that BBC buggers and Jonathan-Ross-salary-Payers can force money out of you in return for pretending that they know what your tastes in obscenity are. How the f*** did those two silly young schoolboy buggers know what would titillate me? They never asked me. I don’t get off on phoning old actors to say I’ve f****d their grand-daughters , no, sorry, I can’t raise an orgasm on that – even if I did fancy said grand-daughter (that also is not the business of other people – whether “producers” or listeners. In my opinion, one’s sexual fantasies, and one’s grief, are private family matters – so I don’t go for roadside death-shrines either. I would remove them all, privately, as a being, at something like 02:20 am one morning, as a nation, while nobody is looking.) I get off on other things, which it is nobody’s business to either publicise, or joke about on air, and I didn’t pay the BBC to pretend otherwise, so I might take the money away now.

Charles Moore, although an Etonian and therefore obnoxious and a friend of people that we ought not to say in public that we like (or we will not be invited to supper-parties in MetroTopia) is becoming more and more libertarian in his old age, and is a good man.

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