QUANGO: new word needed here…

David Davis

From Mark Wadsworth, we now learn that quangos welcome the creation of more quangos, since each one, which is substantively a mouth coupled to an anus, can therefore contribute to the collective destruction of privately-created wealth – which is to say all of the stuff.

The issue I have here is not what to do about quangos, which is clear (close the offices, auction the leases as a sideline near car-dealers, car-boot the seized chattels, and execute the captured and SOHO-connected inmates.)

The Libertarian Issue which has escaped too much discussion is why there is a very very large supply of people willing to

(a) work for or be involved with quangos,

(b) believe that this is a noble, good and right thing to do,

(c) [willing to] have been educated/trained/influenced while students, to believe this Gramscian corruption. It’s not shit – it’s not “nonsense” – it’s not “political correctness gone mad” NEVER NEVER EVER USE THAT PHRASE !!!!!!!! EVER! Hear me ??? – it’s pure and deliberately pre-meditated evil…..so why did they choose it, when the alternative was “good”?

(d) Worse, why did “academics” exist who could “train” them?

We need to ask why people think quangoism is good.

We need a new word for quangos, which could be used to lynch the concept. Ideas please!

  • This is right up my alley. I spend way too much time considering the unpinned ambiguity and thus obvious limitless potential of the English language not to attempt an input into this. Erm, I’m a Comprehensive School lad – well when I was there, although I didn’t really need to be – so I’m not familiar with Latin or Greek, so to anyone who knows about the relevance of those languages, are they good for plagiarism? Yeah I know there’s loads of Greco-Roman stuff derived into Engilsh but, well, I’d just like an opinion. Sean knocking about there anywhere? If he is, does he have a hardback copy of Timoshenko’s 1940 ‘Strength of Materials’?

  • Oh, on another note, does anyone know what number Prime Minister Gordon Brown is? Comprehensive schools eh. Nothing but Hitler/Cromwellology. You can call me SouthSteel if you can answer that one Ants. Hey, you give me a good answer, maybe I even give you a job!

  • Ta for link. I can’t think of a better word for ‘quango’ than ‘quango’, I think it has largely negative connotations, which is why quangos are trying to rebrand themselves as ‘charities’ or ‘committees’ or ‘coordinating bodies’ etc.

  • Good point by Mark. I was really trying I supppose for something more pejorative than !”quango”, which is to me beginning to sound dangerously harmless.

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