Baby P: Child Abuse, Social Services, and socialist boroughs. This is quite interesting in a macabre and sinister way. Guns and children. Let’s smell some rats.

David Davis

(Here’s what we are gong to say tomorrow, about Baby P.) This is what’s commonly and Stalinistically called: “a leak”.

I don’t quite know how far to come out in the open and risk enemy fire, here. But I am sort of intrigued in a Sherlock-Holmsian way, you know, sort of, by the seemingly endless trail of poor wretched children, mostly from inner cities and under the care of Stalinist New Labour Soviets boroughs, who seem to be left to die, by “Social Services” while “under their observation”. The news only gets out after the poor child’s terrible death at the hands of a violent male or some other feckless “carer”. there was the Victoria Climbié business some years ago, and now this, from Obnoxio, but also reported on Guido.

I decided not to pick it up as the issues are not strictly theoretical-Libertarian, but I do begin to smell a rat, and, er ….. and see it floating in the air.

Could it be that a regime of draconian State “Child Protection” (and State-child-databasing) is being engendered (and by whom?) through a series of “regulated and allowed” high-profile cases of the death of a small child, in which the “Social services” are instructed actually NOT TO intervene until it’s too late?

Are the “pretty children” who occur from time to time in these scenarios, (who of course will need to be saved immediately) being farmed off quickly somewhere (and by whom, and for whom?) which is why we never see any?

Or hear about them?

And why the poor dead ones have been those few who were really in the soup beforehand? And about whose deaths “lessons can be learned”?

Is this rather like the Dunblane business and guns?

  • Dave:

    There’s an element of “Confirmation Bias” in all this, via selective reporting. Appalling incidents happen all the time. People cannot face too much reality.

    The “Dunblane” incident was perfectly scripted and attuned. I would be very surprised if the gunman actually died at Dunblane — faking “deaths” is a time-honoured way of making people “disappear.” I would want to see unimpeachable forensic evidence. And that’s really hard-to-find.

    But he probably didn’t live long after being “disappeared.” Just long enough to convince his co-workers that they too could “get away with” doing such things in the future.

    As in “The Parallax View”, some people can be easily programmed via the reality of “mind-control” techniques to do the strangest things, as stage hypnotists constantly demonstrate all over the world.

    I think you are right to be suspicious. The same people who might stage “Dunblane” could easily be the same people who staged “9/11” or “7/7” or the “Strategy of Tension” in Italy.

    Their aim is always the same: more “social control.” The soi-disant PATRIOT ACT USA was drafted by John Ashcroft’s deputy Viet Dinh, five months before “9/11”, ready and waiting for the event.

    Viet Dinh is now on the Board of News International…

    How about this one? The alleged “Boeing jetliner” which allegedly impacted the Pentagon on “9/11” was allegedly completely vaporized by the fire. Do you really beleive that two giant turbofan engines can be “vaporized” by an _open_ kerosene fire???

    However, this did not stop “the Authorities” claiming later that DNA samples of _all on board_ were recovered and accurately matched against base samples of the alleged “victims” and “hijackers.”

    So DNA survives where jet engines and giant steel axles and so forth cannot?? Any idiot should be able to understand that the “base samples” could be divided into two lots, the second labelled “Pentagon”, and sent to a forensic scientist, who would authenticate the match _in good faith._ The evidential trails are corrupted. Amongst the custodians of evidence are likely collaborators and accomplices in the crimes.

    John Ashcroft’s tight little “FBI” clique…

    In your reckoning, “9/11” was perpetrated by Saudi hijackers led by a prominent Saudi national. So why, pray, wasn’t _Saudi Arabia_ invaded instead of Afghanistan and Iraq, which had nothing to do with it?

    You explain that, Dave….



    Pilots for 9/11 Truth


  • Dave:

    A sample for analysis of quality.



  • Tony please don’t feed the troll.

  • Too late jb! Tony can’t be saved!

    I’ve just finished eating Tony, and I have even just gone to the toilet, for the offence of gassing on pointlessly to me about 9/11, and…

    hencefroth …..

    (hmmmm…..I like “hencefroth”, it looks cool! It can stay!)

    ….he will _NOT_ be appearing on this blog as “_Tony Hollick_, but as _another person with an identical name_ !!!

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  • Dave:

    Not in your wildest dreams… You screwed the pooch, as the NASA people say…

    Now come and “argue” your pathetic lying “Official Case” with my people:

    We have a full forum, on all aspects of “9/11”.

    (More than you have for the LA… ) >:-}

    See you over there. The pratfalls will be fun to watch. For us, if not for you… >:-}

    “Fasten your seat belts. You never had a trip like this before.” — “Vanishing Point” [1971]



    Pilots for 911 Truth

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