Gotta be a wind-up, or else the buggers are more confident than we think

David Davis

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..sounds also like tye are back-tracking as soon as it gets published, so it’s probably real.

Also, our people MUST NEVER NEVER say “political correctness gone mad” – that merely legitimises “political correctness”, as I have always warned. It is not mad, and it can’t go mad. It is simply bad.

  • Dave:

    ALL political and ideological people fight for control of political vocabulary and public discourse, as well as certain warm, fuzzy words like “commonsense” and “liberty” and “liberal” and “decent” and so on. I remember Gerald and I having a lengthy, mildly heated discussion of the Poll Tax. I kept on calling it “the Poll Tax” and Gerald kept on calling it “the Community Charge.” Neither of us gave in.

    As it was, the Poll Tax was instrumental in bringing down Thatcher during her more authoritarian phase. So I guess we should be grateful to Douglas Mason and Madsen Pirie after all. Madsen expected to get a Barony from it! Why would any libertarian conceivably want a Barony??

    Would you accept one? Really?



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