Any “Tax plan” is wealth redistribution. Discuss.

David Davis

Er, is it, or not? I do not know, I only ask.

I only say thanks to Obnoxio the Clown for flagging me something else, which led me to this. I worry about how people see Libertarians, and I want us to be seen to be good people.

0 thoughts on “Any “Tax plan” is wealth redistribution. Discuss.

  1. Pointless, if the posts are just “disappeared”

    The sort of egregious blunder which reeks of “cover-up”…

    But it cannot be covered up. It’s all over the world now. Covering it up is collaboration in it.


  2. Of course all tax plans are redistributive – taxation is taking money from one group to give to another.
    At the very least it takes money from the productive classes and gives it to the parasitical/political classes. In today’s ever more expansive tax system the redistribution is extensive and is made to many areas, its one of the state’s most useful tools of repression – make everyone dependent upon the state and they will not rebel, even if through rebellion they would become better off.

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