Let’s hear it for the Decaying-Rubbish-Police…..pooooooooooo….

David Davis

And…..what if you don’t want to actually hand over your food waste to the Soviet, for “recycling”…but you want to do it yourself?

We compost ours, thus dutifully adding to our carbon footprint (as you ought to, the plants can’t live on fresh-air, you know!) and then dig the sttuff into the soil a year later. Removing our right to this would deprive us here of a valuable “resource”, and also incidentally of our paid-for property…

They may be rotting bananas, but threy’re OUR rotting bananas.


  • A local market trader was doing something similar with his expired fruit and veg. The council handed him a whacking fine for failure to dispose in an approved manner.
    The problem for them is that if you are doing things yourself then they cannot say what splended fellows they are for meeting their (EU imposed) recycling targets. So you can be sure that home composting will be verboten and local youngsters will be recruited to keep a watch for such dangerous dissidents.

  • Just another example of loosing our property rights to ‘world government’ take over.

    The sad part is that we are allowing this to occur with our indifference attitudes..

  • Why don’t we all then just burn the stuff…? in our gardens? thay can’t stop us doing that surely?

  • Pollution mate, ASBO for you squire!

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