Old Brian on Damian Green, a good analysis.

David Davis

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata cuts this to the bone for you. He thinks that, when the junta government starts to arrest opposition politicians for doing things that it itself has been doing for decades, its time is up.

I’m not so sanguine as him. I think it’s just got worse. But either way, we will live in “interesting times”. I’m not so sure that I’m brave enough, or unconnected-enough, to want to. I have wives and children etc.

See what you all think about Will Rhodes Portmanteau, on the same thing.

  • From TimesOnline:

    “The civil servant said to have given Green the leaked Home Office documents was named last night as Chris Galley, who worked in the private office of the home secretary, Jacqui Smith. Speculation was rife in Westminster that his conversations with Green had been bugged by police. The Home Office insisted Smith had not known of the impending arrest and had not signed any warrant to tap Green’s phone calls.”

    Time for the aforesaid Jacqui Smith to resign, retire, go away. Putting it politely…


  • I assume due to his arrest Damian Green has not attended a “common purpose” reprogramming course. http://www.stopcp.com/

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