Belgian barmaid fired (in new York) after blogging uncomplimentarily about Belgian “defence minister”. If you work for people, then be careful how you blog!

We here are lucky: we are Masterless Men, thank God. It’s the safest way to blog.

David Davis

Honestly, what is the world coming to? I know that the concept of a Belgian “defence minister” is an oxymoron, but why should the poor girl lose her job?

Here’s the little girl’s own blog. You can read it in, er, whatever language it’s in.

Here’s what De Standaard is now thinking about Pieter de Crem, and the effects on little Nathalie’s employment because he was offended.

I am uneasy, to say the least, about a scenario in which an employer in a “free” nation, such as the USA (sort of free anyway) can be induced to fire someone for opinions expressed about a politician in another country, who might think he has taken offence.

These are endarkening times.


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