China “mental patients” Public Security Bureau … Lily Kember can protest lots of stuff!

David Davis

One Lily Kember, (here’s more about her) a “third year” student of “Anthropology”, who helped to disrupt Stansted Airport yesterday, could have a shining career as a protester in China, about “treatment” of political dissidents.

I wonder if she’d like to go there , perhaps to stop some rather large open-cast coal mines being dug, say, in Manchuria? But she probably does not know where that is.

Tory Bear thinks she’s a bit of a prat. I’d send her to China, put a Duracell in her, wind her up, and see what she does there.

But she’s helped lots of people, like the poor woman who missed her father’s funeral and the Rosary for it.

Yep. Lily Kember is a remarkable woman, who really cares about the planet (not people though.)

No: “woman” is too dignifying a word for that congeries of atoms, not animated by any morality recognised by any but Al Gore. It probably watched “an inconvenient truth” and was smitten.

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