“I have no pity for the poor”… Libertarian Alliance Guest writer spot 1. Angry Capitalist writes…

Angry Capitalist

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In the case of poor-people, the Blogmaster thinks this:-

That it is the Messianic duty and obligation of Libertarians to act as follows: that is, to help to Teach the Poor How to Live as Sovereign Human Beings with Free Will.  By valiantly casting off their burdensome chains of socialism and state welfare, and lead them, Moses-like, to the Sunlit Uplands of Free Capitalism and Liberty.)

I Have No Pity for the Poor

There it is. I have uttered those words so contemptible in modern society that the mere allusion to such a sentiment is beyond reproach. Please forgive me, but I no longer have the patience to deal with those who wish to remain mired in the lowest depths of the social order. Are there not means available to these people who perpetually contend for the scraps from the table of those of those who actually contribute to the betterment of our world? This is not to say that I have no compassion for those who are infirmed, whether it be in a mental capacity or those suffering permanent injury to their persons, or those who, now beset by the ravages of old age have fallen into poverty. No, it is not these poor souls of which I am speaking of when I condemn the poor, it is those amongst this division of society who crave not advancement or a better life for themselves but are content to permanently siphon wealth from the upper reaches of the ladder. These dregs are, in my opinion, to be held in the highest form of contempt.

What affliction causes a man to sit for hours on end idly passing the time caring not for what he can contribute to our world and instead expends a tremendous amount of effort into devising new and original ways to defraud the rest of us? Has he no self respect, no drive that motivates him to succeed. The tools are there if he were to only seize them with his own hands and use them in a constructive manner. How sad it must be to lack the basic motivations inherent in the simplest creatures who determine to not provide for themselves and instead depend upon others to provide their basic sustenance. But does the blame rest solely upon their shoulders, or are there more treacherous actions afoot?

The argument could be made that those capable of productive contributions to the social order are held bound in their dire circumstances by forces who are content to exploit their misery for political gain. Yes, in a sense the poor are victims, but not of the sort most in positions of power would have you believe. They are victims not of exploitation by the wealthy, but by our adversaries on the left who wish to manipulate their plight into successes at the ballot box. The left is more than willing to talk from both sides of their mouth. One voice cries out for compassion and government sponsored charity, while the other whispers behind the closed doors of the party offices that these people are our path to power and control, keep them subjugated long enough so that their corpses can line our road power. They promise everything and deliver nothing, again and again, nothing. Strangely enough the poor continue to flock to these charlatans, believing every lie that they are told, despite the fact that they have been told the same thing time and time again, yet they remain in their desperate situation.

These are the reasons why the poor deserve contempt. Not out of the sheer fact that they possess no wealth, but because the do not possess the where with all to realize a lie when told to them, even more so when told to them multiple times. Blinded by envy for those amongst us who produce and consume by the sweat of our brow, they are unwilling to break free from the collectivist chains that hold their minds shut and seek a way other than state sponsored assistance to alleviate their suffering. These poor wicked fools deserve everything that they have, nothing, and despite all of the promises made by their master, that is all that they will ever have. I do not shed a tear for their plight; no I shed a tear for their idiocy and lack of self respect. I pity the poor not because of what they do not have but for what they cannot see. Before them lie untold opportunities available to all men in a free county, yet they are unwilling to seize upon them because it is all to easy to sit and wait for the government to pull them along. They sit and consume promises of equality and wealth if only they continue to despise those who possess more, but theses dreams are never fulfilled. Until these hapless simpletons desist in their self inflicted misery I shall offer no compassion and continue to heap contempt by the score upon their plight.

  • You write: “What affliction causes a man to sit for hours on end idly passing the time caring not for what he can contribute to our world and instead expends a tremendous amount of effort into devising new and original ways to defraud the rest of us? ”

    And I wonder, did you ask this of the bankers and mortgage companies of late as well?

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