“RAMBLERS”, walkers, theft of property by government. I’ve thought of a solution which will please all lefties.

David Davis

Earlier, we wrote here about the State Plan to steal nationalise open for all to enjoy, a 10-metere-wide strip of coastline all round the British Isles. (Bet they won’t include Ireland.)

I have thought about hbow to deal with this, so as to satisfy the nazis RSPCA and the Gramsco-Marxian anti-farming-brigade the Greens.

In return for their property being stolen opened for the outdoor enjoyment of all, people who have been defrauded have willingly handed over their property rights will be allowed to breed or sponsor the introduction of wild bears, wild wolves, pumas and fierce predatory dogs, or other large vertebrate predators that they might care to specify, which will be allowed at all times to live freely in the “zone”.

I presume it will be fenced?

Otherwise, how will the “ramblers”  know where their ill-gotten gains end, and real human beings’ property begins?

  • Dave:

    I can only say that I approve of this measure. My only regret is that the Coastal Walk is not a mile wide…

    Remember John Locke’s Rule on just acquisition of property: “That there be as much or better remaining for thise coming later. All extant British land titles are based on ancient thieving and hand-outs to the Court’s favourites.

    “Five acres and a cow…” — Disraeli



  • If it was, then my house would be inside it Tony.

    I will not have the idle buggers trampling our garden. Perhaps I’m a NIMBY?

  • But I would not wish that humiliation on others who live in the government’s “coastal guarding zone” anyway.

  • Dave:

    Perhaps we could extend the coastline for you… >:-}



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