Brainwashing in videogames now?

Peter Davis

Now I’m a big fan of games, obviously, I’m a 14 -year-old, and thanks tho the f****d-up school curriculum, I have learnt more about World War II from the games Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and Call of duty: World at War than I have from every history lesson I have sat through on the subject.

So I was on this website looking through the index of free full games to download, and I saw:

Eco Warriors: Invasion of the Necrobots

Acording to the descrition, it is set in southern Italy ”In a not so far future away…” At first, it had the makings of a normal game:-

Robots appearring in towns, woods and countrysides.
A dark enemy is conspirating to destroy us all blah, blah, blah………

But then, this popped up in the description:-

But there’s a new hope!

A team of warriors has been raised to defend Nature: The Eco Warriors!

A huge battle is getting closer…

and that’s the description…..but its basically about saving the environment, and the game is absolutely S***: here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

Eco Warriors Screenshot #1

Eco Warriors Screenshot

Eco Warriors Screenshot #3

Eco Warriors Screenshot

(if the pictures did not load up, here is the link)

If you want to try this game, (that is to say, if you are delusional), here is the link to download it:

I and the Libertarian Alliance and the blog, are NOT responsible for any damages to the mind or your PC or Mac or whatever you have, I did download it and try it, and my PC was undamaged. !DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!

not sure how to end this, so  here is a poll:

You may pick multiple answers.

  • Peter:

    I think that computer simulations can be a very good way of learning.

    Back in the early ‘Eighties, when I was living with your Dad, I spent many happy hours playing Crowther and Woods’ text-only “Colossal Cave Adventure” up to 12 hours a day on a homebuilt computer. I eventually reached “Master Adventurer” rank. You’re lucky to have such an intelligent, decent if eccentric Dad! >:-}

    Driving sims noticeably improve my driving. Carving fast turns on the NurburgRing in ‘Gran Turismo’ on my PlayStation PS3, or flying missions in a Eurofighter, or a Jedi Starfighter, is an excellent way to spend time.

    Which games are among your favourites? What are some of your favourite books?

    Best Wishes,


  • Tony,
    I remember (at least one of) the computer(s)! It didn’t really look like anything Peter uses today….

  • Peter, I think you have to put [ ] around those lines of text for the pictures to load, but I’ve never used WordPress so they may have their own encoding. It could be ( ) instead.

    I remember my Sega Master System, from about fifteen years ago, it came with a built-in game, the only one I had until my pocket money was saved up. I stood in awe at the Sega Megadrive and it’s graphics, and now there are games like Grand Theft Auto, which I must have spent hours playing when I was lodging with a friend. I don’t have any games consoles anymore though, because I know that’s all I’d ever do. Yeah, they’re great stuff, computers. They Will Take Over one day.

  • Dave:

    You should remember it! You helped to build it! A Digital Research Computers “BigBoard” from Arlington, Texas, with a Zilog Z-80 CPU and a whopping 64K (!) of memory. Allied to an ex-MoD PSU, an Alphamerics keyboard, a 12″ B&W Ball monitor and a Shugart 8″ IBM SS/SD floppy disk drive, it lasted me until I switched to an ATARI ST at the end of the ’80s. I still have them all.

    The Atari ST was outstanding — a brilliant design by Shiraz Shivji, wasted by the egomania of the Tramiels. I still use it with my Yamaha PSR-500 and -630 for MIDI sequencing work.

    Now if only I could sing like Enya… >:-}



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