Music for a blue Tuesday

And we haven’t done GWR castles yet, but here’s the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe:-

And here’s 5043, doing its stuff:-

  • I’ve never really digged Wagner’s work to be honest, unless it was as the soundtrack to a Saturn Five launch or the cracking film ‘The Rock’ with Nicholas Cage and the second-most famous Sean in the world, of course Sir Shean Connery. 🙂

    But David, Cliff was alright but surely you’re too young to remember that? Mind you, you might be like me – born middle-aged.

    I was about ten when I was born (I still remember the room, the detail of a cup and my mum and cousin having an argument [his mother, my auntie, wanted to adopt me so my mum could ‘live her life’ and she fed me mamalade and visions of good, well made living – I was a baby) but after everything I lived out those later growing up years fashioning bows and arrows.

    Most of which were, admittedly, crap by professional standards. I had the fundamental physics right, but our tree, which was like a birch tree, wasn’t the best bequeather of said resources.

    But I did acheive some fearsome results, even, on occasion, using my weapons agaist wannabees who’d invaded my close (I lived on a close in a reasonable/partly troublesome council estate) and later as I approached my teens and forgotten that old science, the respect from others and memories still were there.

    I don’t know, sometimes, if I’m a Viking or a Greek. I like to think I’m both. I’d probably deride Scandinavians as thick quasi-Germans who took a leaf out of Milton Freidman’s book, and Greeks as lazy fuck-knows-where-you-came-from inhabitants of a place which I seem to think I belong to.

    England’s generally shit. But it is home, and I am English. I could convert to Judaism but given my alcohol and pork habits I doubt they’d tolerate me for long.

    No, Wagner’s apparently got the answers. So’s Nietzshe. Personally I like a Berber, St Augustine, I think I’m very full in his sense.

    Shame he wasn’t a fucking capitalist, isn’t it?

    “Full in emotional faculty. To be very full in the St Austinian sense. Not to be evil”

    Please, somebody release me, let me go…

    Happy New Year 🙂

  • I know, I ought to go back to Scotland. In fact it was the only place I was happy when I was academically-aware, and I should have turned my pathetic sub-national pity into… well I don’t know.

    I always loved Scotland, so should anyone who seeks refuge, I just worry for my adopted City Of Aberdeen, but even in the best of times it would need an independent mind. It did then, when I was there. I want them to paint their houses, like they do across the same latitude.

    And be Scottish. That which is brilliant, and ought to be protected.

  • ‘like they do across the same latitude’

    I meant Denmark. Just in case my term latitude was wrong.

  • I can’t be expected to hold all that shit in the RAM now, can I?

  • Steven Northwood

    Don’t try to tell me of things you cannot prove, I believe in scripture only.

  • Steven, you are very funny! >:-}

    Here’s the excellent Suzi Quatro singing “Glad All Over.” Her autobiography is titled “Naked Under Leather.” Quite a girl!



  • Cheers Tony, I try, I do what I can.

    And gee, she’s much better looking than Lemmy, isn’t she?

  • Steven:

    Keep it up!

    Sort of Keeley Hazell with songs! >:-}

    And see:

    She’s one smart chick.



  • Steven:

    For a change of gear; another smart chick: the charming Alex Parks (who prefers other smart chicks, like Jill Jackson). >:-}



  • The things some of us do to earn a living…



  • Time to introduce some friends…

    [ FX: “Christine – you’re on!” ]


  • Now, let’s go get ’em…

    FX: (shake head) “Mad as March Hares..” ]

  • Well, I certainly am. I like the gunslinger one, makes me want to shout “from my cold dead hand”!

    Oh dear, think it might be time for another distilled remedy… 🙂



  • Steven Northwood

    PS Tony, what does ‘FX’ mean?

    Is it ‘effects’ as in to say you effect a shake of the head? You know, strictly speaking, if that’s right, it shoud be ‘affects’ I think.

    There I go again, deduction techniques and Idols of the Mind running away with me.

    Deduction’s useful and a great time-saver in many situations, but it’s often the fatal flaw when you think you’re so gifted you don’t need to, erm, ‘work’.

    Yeah, often struggled with that.



  • Steven Northwood

    And ayeup, have a look at this.

    Classical Mechanics demonstrated by a foremost Mechanician at his very best.

  • Steven:

    “[ FX: (etc.) ]”

    Signifies “Special Effects.” Cinematic!



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