Hamas hypocrisy special alert: what’s a “Hamas” “leader” doing, supporting (I presume?) FOUR wives and living in a “five-storey-house”?

David Davis

UPDATE: You can, if you feel like it, send money to Pizzaidf.org, to annoy people like David Miliband (you want to do that, don’t you surely?) or even to annoy ShootinPutin187, and also scumbags like Alexi Sayle***, Bianca Jagger****, George Galloway MP, Ken Livingstone and Sarah Teather MP…..(thanks Guido!)

***who is she?

****I can’t remember what this Bianca-man said he was famous for.

Hamas is of course naturally mindful, being their protectors and guardians, of the plight of the miserably wretched people of “Gaza City” and the surroundings. Yes. However, one of their self-appointed “leaders” – I guess we oughtn’t to joke since all our leaders theses days are self-appointed – lived in what seems to me to be a quite large dwelling.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a socialist Gramsco-Marxian. I am that creature turned upside-down. I believe that people who say that they are setting out to help less fortunate people ought to do like St Francis did (in the beginning) and they should have no shoes. They should have nothing themselves. The Pope approximates to this state by pretending that everything he owns belongs to the Church. Some Popes even nearly achieved it, like John Paul II. John Paul II left his watch to someone (I think it was a goodish one like a Rolex, given to him as a present by some Prime Minister or other) and some books which he owned, to someone else: that’s how it’s done, that’s the real thing.

Hamas  university lecturers unconcerned merciless murdering killer thugs just like BBC-Saint Yasser Arafat (was), ought not to go about living in “five storey houses”, having loads of wives caged women to f**k when it suits them, and then expect not to be rocketed by the Israelis. Hamas, whatever it may be, is the main obstacle in the way of Palestinians generalised Sephardic Arabs (there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”  – trust me! I am nearly one myself, by the Nazi-Islamist-Gestapo-definition!) getting what comprises their natural rights within the area of the Middle East.

‘Nuff said.

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