Wealth is good, but rich young overgrown boy writes off Ferrari. How shall we stop socialists from going tut-tut and pointing guns?

David Davis

A person described as a “Foot Ballist” has written off his Ferrari. Very publicly.

It’s OK, don’t worry, for he owns at least five other motor vehicles. But this sort of thing encourages soclialists, Nazis and other compulsory-redistributivists to say things like “people don’t need more than one car (at most)” and “there should be more speed cameras”, and “there should be a fully-integrated public transport system” (subtext for “no private motoring”)…etc.

My problem is that the media-driven-sensationalising of the wasteful and expensive misdeeds of a few overgrown and unsocialised boys, leads to a general zeitgeist in which wealth and success (of any sort, however gained) is viewed increasingly darkly.

This is not good for libertarianism, since we are a philosophy which avers that all can and ought to be able to share in an increasing cake. Of course, any human being ought to be free to crash his expensive car as often as he likes (provided he does not harm anyone in so doing.) But we’re all supposed to be eating sack-cloth and ashes at present, so this will just enrage the doo-gooders more.

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