Getting at Prince Harry: the new lefty bloodsport (allowed of course)

David Davis

Prince Harry has been publicly lynched (again.) About three hundred years ago, he jocularly referred to one of his soldier mates as a “Paki” – which is what he was, and still is I think – in good humour, in an airport departure lounge in front of the other young soldiers. I don’t recall any complaints or Daily Marxist Mirror headlines at the time, do you?

Worse follows! Apparently he’s “offended” all “British Asians” – has anybody asked the Chinese, the Japanese, the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Indians, the Nepalese, the Khazakhstanis for that matter, and all the others, if they have been “offended”? Or the Siberian Esquimos…or have I offended these by failing to class them as “Inuit”?

As Auberon Waugh would have said, “I’m not suggesting that it’s yet time to summarily shoot all people who own phones with video-cameras in them”….but do you get the impression that there are some people about who, on purpose, use liberating Western technology to bring back the Endarkenment?

Perhaps I should be offended to be called a “Brit”. I happen to think it’s chav, low, horrid and insulting, and far far far worse than “Pom” or “Rosbif”.  “Brit”  of course ought to offend all English Englishmen, or even British British-people (so of course the BBC uses the awfully repellent word “Brit” all the time as often as it can – just as “Paki” is supposed to offend all Pakistani Pakistanis, is it not?

Oh, and I DON’T think Harry was wrong to go to a party four years ago wearing a swastika armband.

(1) It was a party, you wear silly stuff, and get drink while satirising bad-people.

(2) They were all young. This is their job.

(3) WE can’t aribrush nazis socialists who killed people more scientifically and industrially than other socialists did or still do, out of history, out of a desire to be “nice”, by pretending they didn’t exist. Further to this matter, look as this assinine piece of supplication by bureaucrats.

0 thoughts on “Getting at Prince Harry: the new lefty bloodsport (allowed of course)

  1. Tony, whatever sort of libertarian society any of us would like, we all seem to agree that word-crimes and thought crimes all ought to be allowed, for anybody. The taliban for example, ought to be allowed to call us infidels and lower than pigs, and Harry ought to be allowed to jokily refer to ones of his mates as a Paki.

    My first Libertarian act as dictator would be I think to parade the managers and staff of the NoW through somewhere like a “sink estate” – or through all of these in turn, naked except for the “outfits” they pillory as being the fetishes of their victims, who are of course all “sick”, or “sickos”, as they have averred frequently.

    Then I might close it down and sell the computers. A libertarian society can well do without the NoW. Whereas, as a minimal state in transition towards anarcho-capitalist, it may not be able to do without a popular transitional head of State.

  2. Dave:

    Sure, “…whatever sort of libertarian society any of us would like, we all seem to agree that word-crimes and thought crimes all ought to be allowed, for anybody.”

    Why not for NoW?

    I don’t like to see Diana’s kids being harrassed. But doesn’t that sort of go with being “public figues”?

    Surely you’re not saying that a transition to a more libertarian state of afairs is in any way dependent on a monarchy? Quite the reverse.

    “Citizens, not subjects!” Like that…



  3. It’s funny, because the term ‘Pak’ is used to refer to things which are Pakistani all the time. Have a look on the internet, you’ll find ‘Pak Chat’, ‘Pak Butchers’, ‘Pak Air’, allsorts. I mean, it’s only one letter isn’t it?

    Even on the google search it says;

    Pak Chat :Pakistani Chat : Pakistan Chat : Desi Chat: Paki Chat, desichat, desi chat, chat pakistanis, pak chat, paki chat, pakistan chat, pakistani, desi chat, punjabi, sindhi, balochi, pashto, voice, talk, … – 17k – Cached – Similar pages

    So they say it themselves. And you’re right David, calling someone a ‘Brit’ is much the same thing. Should I take offence if they call me a ‘Briti’? I think not.

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