If you didn’t think you’d know what to do in the job, why did you go for it in the first place?

David Davis

The “Public Services” are the country’s biggest users of “consultants”. We buggers who have to pay, and who watch all the sadness and crap, and tyranny that results, since the “consultants” have the same warped, inverted and dirigiste enemy-mind-set as their hirers, have known this for years.

It now transpires that this is being trailed. the prose is wonderfully spinnable:-

The Scottish Government is wasting up to £13m a year by not using consultants efficiently, a report has claimed.

Audit Scotland has estimated that government bodies spent about £114m on 1,200 consultancies in 2006-2007.

But it said there was no clear strategy and savings could be found if the planning, management and purchasing of consultancy services was improved.

The Scottish Government recently issued guidance on the use of consultants, saying they should be used sparingly.

Auditor General for Scotland Robert Black said consultancies can be an expensive option.

He said: “Central government bodies need to plan their use of consultants so that they use their knowledge and skills where it brings greatest value for money.

“They should gather and share consistent information on what consultancy services they buy and why.

“Bodies should consider when it is better to use their own staff, and how best to ensure public servants learn from consultants when they are hired for projects or in advisory roles.”

‘Damning report’

Of the £114m spent in 2006-07, £41m was spent by government directorates. Quangos spent £38m, which includes £35m spent by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

A further £35m was spent on consultancy services by government agencies, with Transport Scotland spending £12m.

The Audit Scotland report said: “There is a need to better plan the use of consultants.

“Use of consultants is rarely linked to wider planning about when and how to get the services needed and the best way to purchase them across the organisation as a whole.”

It said the work done by consultants was not always evaluated and suggested the government should carry out “consistent and formal evaluation”.

It recommended government bodies should take opportunities to learn from consultants and that staff should also fill key roles in projects where possible.

And if that’s just in Scotland, where the “send for the Scotch Accountants” mentality – faced with waste, and also with not enough recycled loopaper drying on the washing lines, must inevitably prevail a bit, despite rampant socialism in public life, where then England?

The point we want to bring to bear against Statist “Employees” of the State is that:-

(1) If you did not know best how to carry out the tasks which you thought you were applying to do, or had been elected to bring about, than why did you apply for the job/stand for the council/parliament(s)?

(2) Given that you then admitted, in office or power, that you had no clue, why then did you not resign your post/office? Did your CV/manifesto not state how well qualified you were to do the job/stand and represent your voters?

(3) Worse, why then did you retain flash/self-regarding buggers who must have been sacked from a corresponding job description…?…otherwise they would not now be calling themselves “consultants”, now would they – and so protecting their inept brains and arses through your front-screen? They would be DOING it profitably, and selling it, for money, in the Market (which you all so execrate) to things called “firms”.


in working for the State, and in using other people’s money in the greasing of the palms of those who say they are your friends, while pretending it is “work”, are you not just a common bully?


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