The “science” bit in here is an absolute scream … and lower down, the Devil baits Polly Toynbee again – great theatre

If I’d wanted to make it up, then even with my own hyper-vivid imagination, I could not have done better. After this, you just gotta-eat-potatoes, it’s such a scream listening to that patronising lefty cooking-celeb woman. I nearly had a heart-attack pissing myself with mirth. Better not, or else my son will do the blogging and then you’ll all be really sorry.

David Davis

And here’s The Devil’s go at naughty Polly the lefty, and the champion of not letting poor people fly to places.


  • David!

    Turn off the fucking snap popups for the love of god man!

  • I don’t know how to!

    Also I was told earlier that people found them useful. If they really annoy, I will try to do something, at the risk of possible accidentally deleting the blog!

  • I actually find them quite helpful, when they load properly that is.

  • In wordpress admin site
    Dashboard | Appearance | Extra

    uncheck “Enable Snap Shots on this blog”

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