Also, politicians and “their” money: and this just came in from…


And THIS is good advice about watching politicians and what they do with their (own) money.

David Davis

Of course, many libertarians disagree about the real extent of the threat of a NBC-type terrorist attack – whether on the USA or any other western nation. In militarily “tough” nations, such as the UK, Australia and USA for example, the threat is probably minimal, and “measures” are really designed to enslave the population to State Bureaucrats rather then do anything about “the War on Terror”.

I suspect that the most vulnerable nations are those whose administrations are weak-willed, or who are currently structurally-left-leaning, such as Spain.

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  1. we need to reign in the insanity of perpetual fear. No terrorist group has the ability to mount a successful NBC attack. Calm down, people.

  2. This was released to the public on 14 January. It’s not a perfect transcript, but so it goes…

    9/11 Truth: Tony Hollick told the Commission What to Investigate

    Page 224

    Click to access t-0148-911MFR-boxes-11-15.pdf

    Event: Telephonic interview of Tony Hollick.
    Investigation conducted by: Marco A. Cordero
    “In response to a call from Tony Hollick to the commission, Commissioner staffer
    Marco A. Cordero contacted Tony Hollick, a British citizen, born in 1942 at telephone
    number 01144-117-909-8918 on June 18,2004.
    Hollick advised that he contacted the 9-11 commission to advise them about two
    video attachments he sent via e-mail to the commission.s web-site @9-11 on June 16,2004. Hollick advised one of these videos would
    demonstrate to the commission that the collapse of the towers of the World Trade Center
    (WTC) was not caused by the intense heat of the jet fuel but rather by the explosion of
    military shaped charges which were placed behind the vertical external steel supports and
    the explosion of massive explosive devices at the base of the WTC.

    Hollick advised that
    politics were involved in this plot and firmly believes Attorney General Ashcroft is the mastermind of this plot because “[Attorney-]General Ashcroft has the covert and overt units of the
    military and the counterintelligence and intelligence resources under his control”
    Hollick also advised that the second video would demonstrate that the damage to
    the Pentagon was not the result of a commercial airliner crashing into it, but rather the
    result of a missile attack which was fired by either a “Global Hawk or an F-16 prior to
    crashing into the building”. Hollick advised that a commercial airliner would have .
    caused a much larger hole and caused much more damage. He also found it
    inconceivable for a “Boeing to completely vaporize and for the black boxes to survive the
    fire. When asked what he thought happened to the hi-jacked plane, Hollick advised that
    the plane may have never existed, stating that it was a phantom plane or that the “FBI
    faked the flight”. If a plane was hi-jacked he theorized that the plane was purposely
    crashed into the Atlantic Ocean where it is currently sitting at the bottom.
    Hollick believes the FBI was involved in this plot adding that John O’Neal [sp],
    former retired FBI agent who was working as the director of security for the WTC, either
    collaborated with the explosive experts (responsible for the placement of the military
    shaped charges in WTC) or turned a blind eye to the placement of these explosive
    Hollick asked that the commission confirm the receipt of his e-mail because he is
    concerned the FBI may have intercepted his e-mail.

    He is convinced the FBI may have
    intercepted the message through FBI’s use of “frontending” which he described as an intelligence operation by which the FBI uses a company name as a front to covertly
    obtain/intercept information from the public.”

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