Rebuilding Gaza: I know what! Let’s blame Israel!

Update: this is what Obnoxio thinks. Can’t say I disagree.

UPDATE2:- In response to comments, I have investigated what the Germans think about Luftangriff, which ought to be thought of in the context of what the global-leftist-MSM is saying about what’s happened to the Gaza strip. The poor Germans suffered it rather more fiercely than anybody else. (We will not go into the reasons now – that’s for another time, OK?) I just think we ought to retain a sense of perspective, that’s all.

David Davis

British Libertarians, of whom there may be at least six still at large in the wild and probably several dozen more unaccounted for or tagged by field-researchers and re-released, are kind enough to let me take contentious and unpopular foreign-policy-positions on things, on this blog.

One of these is about the strategic position of Israel, and the bind that it always seems to be in, with regard to loads of dudes who, quite publicly and with utterly disarming frankness, state their views about its worth, its anticedents, its crimes (here’s one they prepared earlier), [heaviest ever air attacks? – my trousers!] and (this is just today’s one) and its fate, on the MSM and elsewhere. These range from the BBC, to the UN, the EU, the “non-aligned nations – whatever Gramsco-Marxian concept that represents – and numberless Wireless Tele Vision channels. Sadly, I am old enough to remember when it was entirely – and I do really really mean entirely – the other way up. Nearly half a century ago, Israel’s victories against the dictators of a collection of enslaved-and-terrorised peoples who (with the almost certain exception of HM King Hussein*) wanted Israel dead, were greeted with almost universal joy and hysteria. The progamme called

C:program filesMarxo-Gramsci-developersInternational leftismvictimised

was envisaged ultimately, but cold not be run in 1967 since no machines existed that could render the graphical virtual reality required, and it was also several hundred Mb. Later, the DOS 2.0 dungeons-&-dragons game, “palest1.exe” would run on an IBM PC-compatible with more that 256K of RAM, only requiring the following extentions:-




newlab.dll (not realeased until May 97)

but Steve Jobs managed to get it to support mice on an Apple, and 256 colours, so that was curtains for the Israelis after about 1982.

Unfortunately, all the bugs in appear to have been fixed and it now runs under all versions of Windows and MacOS, having no conflicts with any browsers. It also auto-blocks pop-ups and cookies from those historians who might attempt to integrate the timeline of the development of the virally-spread intellect-hijacking-programme, or “meme”,  called  “” with autarkic or pre-capitalist-barbarian-thought-tendencies.

It has also been released as freeware.

Now, it’s going to cost $2 billion to fix Gaza. So it says here:-

First estimates by independent surveyors said Gaza lost nearly $2 billion in assets during Israel’s three-week war on Hamas, including 4,100 homes, about 1,500 factories and workshops, 20 mosques, 31 security compounds and 10 water or sewage lines.

I’m sure Halliburton would be interested? No? Old hat now? Moved on, have we, greens and truthers?

I will resist the temptation to ask who it took three weeks of the most apocalyptic bombardment and destruction in the history of the world, causing an “unprecedented humanitarian crisis”, to destroy only as little at that – but I’ll ask it anyway as I don’t care about being tarred and feathered any more. (Oh and I don’t believe 1,500 factories and workshops for a minute – there are not that number in the entire UK today; we have even fewer of those than we have Post Offices.) in a biggish place – Gaza – (here it is) – 1.4 million people (at 10 people per home, they must live in about 140,000 homes then, so less than 3% of homes destroyed only? – after all that?)


All I am concerned about really is the strategic damage done to the potential environment of libertarianism, in a world where the MSM can be so blinded by unreality, as to believe the propaganda of a Gramsco-Marxian group like Hamas so uncritically. Also….have you noticed something about the map below? Refugee camps: why are there so many, 61 years after the founding of Israel? Do they contain only octogenarian men and women, and (must therefore be) only a few dozen? Or do they contain thousands – we are told that half the population of Gaza is under the age of 15. these pre-teens can’t be the ones who have lost factories and homes… what’s going on in the “refugee camps, then? And why are people being kept in there just to breed?

Don’t ask me, I don’t know! I’m just a Lancashire bumpkin! I just wonder if, just if, this particular lot of Gramsco-Marxians that is pretending to be champions of “the people of” pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guide-scholars, need there to be lots of “refugees” when the forced status of these poor wretches is quite un-necessary. (The electric power mostly came from Israel before, so how clever is that then? Getting your enemy to give you his electric, then rocketing him.)

*Oh, and King Hussein of Jordan was a radio ham – call sign JY1, and it is said that he collected Tektronix oscilloscopes. So he could not have wanted to kill people.

139 square miles!

139 square miles!


  • The “left” always did believe in the social construction of reality and have set about it with a will. It’s bollocks though and the weaker the congruence between actual reality and the constructed reality, the more absurd the efforts of constructors seem.

    Yes, it is painful to watch and listen to the madness but I am heartened by the view that it is not just “a bit biased” but that “it’s all a pack of lies” is becoming much more widespread.

    The MSM (or deathbed media) will be come even more shrill and advocate even more extreme positions as it collapses totally. But fewer and fewer will believe them.

    What’s surprised me is British resistance to the hegemonic discourse of the BBC and polite (ie anti-freedom, pro-fascist) society. For example: “the latest YouGov/Sunday Times poll reveals that by 24 to 18 percent, more Britons blame Hamas than Israel for the recent conflict. [Harry’s Place]”.

    Hating and despising the political classes was once the preserve of over educated “footlights” toffs – ordinary decent folk held them in some regard in this country. This too has passed – I cannot recall a time when our “leaders” have been so widely and so profoundly held in contempt.

    I do not think that liberty is around the corner by any means, just that doom and gloom is need not be total.

    As an aside, I do wonder given the hysterical nature of the description of Jewish military actions make me wonder how the MSM could escalate it to cope with describing real air strikes (in the style of Tokyo or Dresden) on Gaza and the resulting carnage.

    • I wanted to talk about Dresden, but I couldn’t bring myself to, thinking I’d be classed as some sort of jingoistic philistine.
      I thought, even, that I would mention Pforzheim, a completely blameless German town that did exist until early 1945 too.

      Here’s the German wikilink.

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  • Here’s a comment thread-part from “Barack Obama quote of the day” which we put up nearly a year ago:-


    John Blainey // 20 January, 2009 at 6:32 pm (edit)

    The West reached a relative high water mark of freedom against a flood of collectivism around 1979 which resulted in the election of Thatcher and Reagan a conservative pope, Lech Walesa, etc. Marxism and socialism were totally discredited, as they will be again in less than 30 years, and were an obvious excercise in stupidity. The collectivists have been beavering away since then and now is their moment. Poor you. Poor me. But I don’t suppose it can last too long. Depends how deep the coffers are for them to raid this time around. Not very, I fear.

    David Davis // 20 January, 2009 at 8:26 pm (edit)

    ….but how did we allow it to get to this?

    How could we all have been so stupid as to think they’d all gone away?

    For example, what the f*** was I doing to kick defeated Stalinists into the putrid Flanders Mud round Ypres (that would have done for them) to drown horribly like they orta, along with their ideology?

    I, David Davis, a co-founder of the LA for f***’s sake, advertising executive and proto-yuppie of London even before Peter Yorke invented them, what the f*** was I doing, a member of the LA, and an officer of it, and so on, thinking that Gramsco-Marxianism was finally dead?

    I should resign and hang my head in shame, for not assassinating Terry Eagleton and others like him, like that deconstructivist French dude (was it J Derrida?) whose name I can’t recall, when we could have done it and got medals! Oh, and for not assassinating all the Dave Sparts and Chris Toads, in the “open” “university”, and all those phantasmal places colonised by people who would later play c:palest1.exe on their “personal computers”! They “educated” all the poor people who now willingly go along with all this sort of stuff.

    We could have had people like J-P-Sartre and Ho Chi Mhinh and Castro and the runaway outlaw Mugabe, killed, just on the nod. And we slept.

    Losers (we became.) It’s such a tragedy, and it will take decades if not centuries to put right. And do you know what’s the worst thing of all?

    That we even have to grit our teeth, and pretend to be law-respecting libertarians! And do nothing, only blog!


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