I wonder what he did?

David Davis

Socialists can be really horrid sometimes, even more vilely than is normal for them in the course of “delivering” “objectives”. He’d better not have killed anybody.

0 thoughts on “I wonder what he did?

  1. I heard about him before. I remember being terrified by ‘those who did it’ when I watched programs about that sort of thing.

    Physician? Mengele I mean. I’d seen the Berlin wall removed by then of course. The Nazis and their works always terrified me anyway, and you wondered if you’d be put ‘in the gas chambers’ if they’d won.

    I know plenty that would, and I also know plenty that only exist because of that National Socialist effort, and by terms of time, funnily enough only because of that. Sad, but true.

    If Hitler had used more diplomacy, he might well have died years later, in his beloved capital Germania. Instead, he died covered in petrol in a muddy shitty bombhole in Berlin, after he’d dragged the whole Occident in there with him.

    And when any such types pop up again with their bullshit, I’ll fucking run up the beaches and put the bastard fires out myself.

    Why do the Chinese pinch our military music? I love China! đŸ™‚

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