Cathedrals: not enough money. Since the State has taken over the Church…

then it better pay for the buildings.

David Davis

£2.6 million. Well, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick I guess.

But as it costs about £2,500 a day to run a cathedral – and that’s just the modern one down the road from here, which isn’t even quite really beginning to fall down yet –  and just keep the water from coming in, let alone major repairs to buildings that may be in parts about nine centuries old, then that shows where the government’s secularists’ priorities are.

Libertarians of course may not care very much about religion. That’s fair enough. Some believe in God, or sundry other gods, and some do not. But if we want to preserve a core of civiisation which is capable of sustaining a libertarian polity, then we have to _not_ have whole great gaps in our history filled only by gigantic and mysterious ruins. History shows us, that those people for whom totalitarians have abraded out whole rafts of their history, do less well in adjusting to being properly socialised in a market civilisation. Just look at poor Russia for example.

The mediaeval cathedrals of Europe and Britain – and Ireland – represent some of the highest art and engineering synthesis ever achieved by Man. OK, I grant you-  I own up, and ask for forgiveness: it was all done “in the name of God and to His greater glory”….but that should not deter us from trying to preserve these masterpieces of civilisation. These things took sometimes centuries to build, largely by hand and animal and sinew and spade – and required extreme faith that it would work, and a very long, long view about whether you’d ever see it done yourself – you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

If the State wants to de-Christianise us as a people – and it is succeeding – then at least it can spend a few coppers on “the people’s” history. Unless, of course, it does not want “the people” to have or to know any. That’s another story entirely, and it concerns Gramsco-Marxians.

Or, maybe, just maybe, this government we have right now ios just worse, and more Gramsco-Marxian than most others. it will be interesting to see what they grant, via their quango English heritage, to the repair of important Mosques. Or not. We shall see.

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    Hal : “Notification.”

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    Assalaamu ‘alaikum Wr. Wb

    Hopefully Allah SWT ever pass to the Father / Health sir for bodily and spiritial in running everyday aktifitas, just and hopefully our [is] what overflows of syafa’at and syawab from Rasulullah SAW therewith with all its friend and people who follow [it].

    As for purposes and objectives this notice to Father / sir is to submit and inform whereof and how which have been submitted/sent by Mr. Learn The Syeikh Al Akhi Al Mukarram Muhammad Zubir of Amir of Al Kholidi Jum’Atul Jabir or which more knowledgeable by its follower with the title ” AL JABIR”, in oration / Khuthbah ‘ Idul Fithri [of] [at] date of 13 October 2007 at 09.00 s / d finish [in] Padepokan / residential [of] place Beliau Teach, guiding, leading and echoing Al Qur’An to its followers [in] Jln. Khaidir Link.15 [of] Kel. Week Labuhan, Kec. Field of Labuhan of North Sumatra Field

    As great as that way we partake also enclose from reportage result which beliau submit in Khuthbah ‘ Idul Fithri 1428 H some times then, which expectation beliau [of] [so that/ to be] forwarding of this can be listened by entire/all human being faction. And on the score of that’s hence we pour the sentence of Al Anfaal 8:21 [in] this Mukaddimah Letter as elementary form for stages;steps objekif [of] [so that/ to be] human being accepting and reading entire/all this editor can no longer default from what we submit, and in fact he will understand with the position and x’self status [of] if shy ating to listen [it]

    Not on any account there [is] intend to make the even and also anomalous something that, bizzare and also habit, good and also ugly. however just widening opinion and discourse, logic and realistic, communications and discussion [of] [among/between] element of society and government element which have competence, or (it) is true if need to be able to perform [a] the study compare, [so that/ to be] really we can educate the life nation, so much race, tribe and Ianguage, not to mention added by pemahaman-pemahan [is] sufi and intellect. What [is] questioned [by] that apakan represent a mistake. Anyway all delivering birth remain to from Allah SWT, occasionally that human being cannot conducive to the science, and also ism, hikmah and also hidayah, astuteness, and also stupidity but God itself of Allah SWT ‘ Azza Wajalla

    171. And imagery ( people who exclaim the) infidel people [is] like penggembala calling animal which [do] not hear besides just just exclamation and call. they are deaf, blind and mute, Hence ( on that account) them [do] not understand

    And the above is true we which can submit, big presumably Father / sir will a moment for the berfikir of all these contemplation and why can be happened, isn’t it true that thinking a moment that’s better than sholat circumcise the sepajang night ( Red.Imam Gozhali), So also aphorism tell ” A lot of Key [of] however Lost Goods, There [Are] Also Many Bright People / however State remain to intrude”. At Attention and our atensinya render thanks which is equal to. Thank

    Wabillaahi Taufiq Walhidaayah

    Wassalaamu ‘alaikum Wr. Wb.




    K E T U A S E K R E T A R I S

    Forwarding of this destined [by] just a just for who [is] which will understand and comprehend and non secret , and if found [by] mistake in this Editor, [is] represent our mistake, and non to be disputed [by] however to be straightened and corrected. If it does the things of, hence its solution [is] us [of] ready for invited [by] and also we invite. [So that/ to be] bold and clear [of] its circumstance.



    Allaahu Akbar ….9 x, Allaahu akbar kabira, walhamdulillaahi katsiira, wa subhaanallaahi bukratan wa ashiila, laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar, allaahu akbar wa lillaahil hamd Alhamdulillaahilladzii arsala rasuulahu bil hudaa wa diinil haq, liyuzhhirahuu ‘alad diini kullihii walau karihal musyrikuun. Ashhadu an laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa syariikalah wa ashhadu anna muhammadan ‘abduhuu wa rasuuluh. Allahumma shalli wa sallim wa baarik ‘alaa saiyyidinaa Muhammad, wa ‘alaa aalihii wa shahbihii ajma’iin.

    Amma ba’du, fayaa ‘ibaadallaah, ittaqullaaha haqqa tuqaatih wa laa tamuutunna illaa wa antum muslimuun. Yaa aiyyuhalladziina aamanuu, athii’ullaaha wa athii’ur rasuula wa ulil amri minkum; fa in tanaaza’tum fii syai-in farudduuhu ilallaahi war rasuuli inkuntum tu`minuuna billaahi wal yaumil aakhir; dzaalika khairun wa ahsanu ta`wiila. Qaalallaahu ta’aala fii kitaabihil kariim, A’uudzu billaahi minasy syaithaanir rajiim. Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim

                

    183 . Their people who tell: ” In fact Allah Have commanded to us, so that we don’t believe to somebody rasul, before he/she conducive to to victim us eaten [by] a fire”. Tell: ” In fact Have come to you [of] some people Rasul [of] before bringing real boldness and bring what you mention, Hence Why you kill the them [of] if you [is] real correct people who

    Shadaqallaahul ‘azhiim.

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

    All praising certain only for Allah, what sentiasa delegate His courier with the real correct religion and guide; so that He/She His menzahirkan religion [is] above religion which is [in] religion kan during the time. Although the in disfavour with people musyrik,

    I testify that [there] no the infinite [of] besides Single Allah [is] which is [there] no company for Nya, and I testify that Muhammad [is] His slave and His courier. Shalawat and greet the big keharibaan prophet [of] Muhammad SAW increasing also Allah love to it so that we what overflows [of] syafa’at [in] this world as reflection [in] eternity.

    Later;Then from [at] that, all wahai Allah slave; you is to Allah with really godfearing and you don’t die before Islam you. Hi obedient religious people who meekly yours to Allah and obedient meekly yours to rasul and leader which out of you, hence if you disagree about something return the you to Allah and Rasul [of] if real correct you trust to final day and Allah, like that are nicer and better finally for you.

    Say the Allah [of] [through/ passing] its courier namely leader which out of you; their people who that say ” in fact Allah command to us so that we don’t trust to a rasul, so that he conducive to to us kurban eaten [by] a fire, tell ” really have come to you rasul-rasul [of] before me with the real boldness and by what you katakana, hence Why you kill the them [of] if you [is] real correct people who”.

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

    Like this !.. people sentence during the time, what is each;every conducived to [by] a courier hence at moment’s notice they [do] not trust [it], with all theorem and science [of] exist in them though Allah is not gallant with the Science [of] exist in them, what Allah want with the will;desire is not gallant with their will;desire.

    Word don’t trust to a this rasul, have knocked over not merely to fool [of] however to bright people, not merely to impecunious however to plutocrat, not merely to ordinary people [of] however to power negri. What is [at] in fact this [is] alias propaganda libel the ” Al Masihud Dajjal “, what I interpret the Al Masihud Dajjal [is] a speaker which lie ( Liar

    Libel this Dajjal have been swallowed out of hand by whole faction, what (it) is true Dajjal very knowing that [of] enemy from generation to generation nya will come [in] final [of] this epoch, so that its propaganda have veined take root in human being liver, so whenever I echo God kalam in this time, equivocate the people who follow the Dajjal, heir dajjal, moslem scholar of heir dajjal, by telling ” that Allah command to them in order not to trust to Rasul” no more alias Rasul.

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

    One who deny and my menjiddal during the time [is] the same as within reason people who deny and menjiddal rasul-rasul [of] before this, namely taking hold of as Moslem scholar kah, Kiai Kah, Mr. Syeikh kah, Ustadz Kah, Da`I Kah, Penceramahkah, or any [is] mention, what [is] on suspected [by] them with the science, do a good deed and religious service which they have claimed, what they have laboured, what they have Khitmadkan, can correct the Al Qur’An, Kalam Allah, Godlike Apocalipse [is] which I submit to them. Hence nya opposing I am in submitting God Kalam is not fool [of] but [is] people who their number know about the religion [of] because (it) is true they religion school even to negri ‘ arab, people who [of] number that ‘ its charitable [is] shalih, and people who [of] number that ‘ its religious service [is] accepted by its The infinite. Though beneficial is not science, do a good deed and their religious service [is] godfearing But, but return the Al Masihud Dajjal make the propaganda by saying that Godfearing have to with the science, do a good deed and religious service. This is one of plesetan ( Play-Setan = Devil Game) what [is] on suspected [by] a correctness by many human being.

    Have become the [common/ public] fact that one who its science have been claimed from ibtidaiyah tsanawiyah, Aliyah, even go out the country; to kairo, to Arab Saudi, what [is] on suspected [by] them that represent the Islam center; one who its science have been claimed to spiritual nature ( thariqat, reality, and ma’rifat), that’s told [by] Moslem scholar them, ustadz, kiai, shekh and others mention.

    But I remind to all you ‘ Moslem scholar` that [is] Prophet heir. As Prophet conducived to by its the infinite hence ‘ moslem scholar` [is] even also conducived to [by] its The infinite. As Prophet conducived to [by] according to or disagree with science, do a good deed and religious service which is according to fikiran [of] human being at the time so also ‘ Moslem scholar` prophet heir, also whether/what according to or inappropriate according to fikiran [of] human being [in] this epoch ( in this time) in fact Allah is not gallant for everything, even he in command for everything. Allah is not gallant its will;desire with the will;desire [of] human being in this time and that moment, even Allah The most want with whom desired.

    Moslem scholar told [by] Moslem scholar by human being with the science criterion, do a good deed and religious service more tend to to oppose the ‘ Moslem scholar` Prophet Heir, moslem scholar opposing ‘ moslem scholar` named [by] this prophet heir [of] moslem scholar world ( Moslem scholar Suu`).

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

                 

    Remember when your The infinite [is] berfirman to all angel: ” Real [is] I will make a khalifah on earth.” they say: ” Why Thou will make the ( khalifah) under the sun that one who will make the damage [of] [at] nya and shed blood, though we ever have prayer beads [to] by praising Thou and sanctify the Thou?” God berfirman: ” Real [is] I know what you [do] not know.”

    Allah create the leader that is Ace Adam on earth; [is] at the time opposed to [by] ossify by one who have very high bookish, doing a good deed shaleh and have religious service [to] which [do] not the a length between thumb edge earth which [do] not ex- black sujudnya until its eyebrow, what is when this ramadhan [is] takkan shalat tarawih 8 raka’at, what is 20 raka’atpun of[is no one absent night ramadhan. That’S moslem scholar at the time which is titled finally with the Dickens ( Protester

    I remind to you hi human being altogether, because me only a commemoration giver to all you [of] nya, don’t follow the olehmu step like this, if you follow the step [of] like this surely you lah challenging I in this time and challenger [of] all prophet heir [of] before me.

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

    Allaahu Akbar … 3 x walillaahil hamd

    [Is] afterwards conducived to [by] Nuh Ace as ‘ Moslem scholar` Prophet Heir at the time, inviting to human being to [be] Godfearing to Allah and also adhere I, hence Nuh Ace as ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir [is] at the time opposed by Moslem scholar [of] world at the time, which Moslem scholar [of] world at the time tell godfearing to Allah and follow which first. But remain to the moslem scholar of Dickens heir tell don’t trust in the Nuh [of] because the mad Nuh, foolish, again pervert the. your Beginikah Mannerism hi moslem scholar, your job only menyesat-nyesatkan people

    [Is] later;then conducived to [by] Ibrahim Ace as ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir at the time inviting human being only to Allah by following [it], non inviting to pray like praying their ancestors also non fasting [of] like their ancestors fast. Opposed by moslem scholar at the time that is moslem scholar Wadd, Suwa’, Yaguts, Ya’Uq And Nasr, what this kelima-limanya [is] moslem scholar of follower of teaching of Nuh Ace. Ibrahim Ace invite the human being only to Allah by following [it], human being at the time bluff the x’self by waddiyah, suwa’iyah, yaghutsiyah, ya’uqiyah and nasriyah that is follower wadd, follower suwa’, follower yaguts, follower of ya’uq and follower nasr

    I invite the you to Allah for real hujjah, most you bluff the ustadzmu, kiaimu, shekhmu, gurumu, MUI Mu. What you tell the follower of Imam Malik ( Malikiyah), Hambali ( Hambaliyah), Hanafi ( Hanafiyah), Syafi’I ( syafi’iyah), Asy’Ari ( Asy’Ariyah). Hence [is] there any you thinking

    [Is] then delegated [by] a Ace Mozes as ‘ moslem scholar` at the time to its clan inviting to the infinite which is one by following rasulNya. Slimmest hence which trust the ( mukmin). What mukmin [of] when Ace Mozes say: ” all you to Allah and rasulNya”, hence one who believe following Ace Mozes very knowing [of] whom of Allah and rasulNya told [by] a Ace Mozes. By following Ace Mozes [of] that’s following rasul and also [in] Allah road;street.

    Moslem scholar standing beside Fir’Aun, beside king, beside president, beside government, hum remain to its laguuUUlama that: ” [there] no Rasul again after”. This song of moslem scholar world, moslem scholar suu` what heir dajjal obstinately nya as weapon to groan the ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir. and this Sentence as very sturdy fortress building [is] which have been drawn up [by] Al masihud dajjal far before my arrival submit the kalam the infinite. this time.

    So whenever I echo [in front/ahead] of Ceremony of Moslem scholar of Indonesia tkt. I of North Sumatra [of] year 2004 before march of events (time) causing a commotion world that is tsunami [in] Acheh, after they groan my residency [is] which my Alhamdulillaah and my follower [is] won by my the infinite, sentence rasher, rasher of kalam Allah, godlike apocalipse rasher [is] which is in its clan Ianguage: ” Hence after he yours death say, will not be awakened by Allah Ta’Ala one people rasulpun after, though this [is] sentence one who [is] misleaded [by] Allah [of] because abysmal them [of] boundary and hesitate”. Then the MUI menjiddal, arguing he/she said, this first package the Jubir. Because (it) is true sentence jetty there [is] sentence Yusuf. Hence I submit again one sentence which its you Ianguage: ” And if you read off its fore part [is] our sentence, he say: this story first”. Then they [is] kept quiet, but don’t know what its [relation/link] [is] they ask I what grad.

    Allaahu akbar 3 x walillaahil hamd Possible if me of grad of Kairo dsb, become the correctness of kalam [of] the infinite which I read off its fore part. But I people ummi which do not be clever [of] Ianguage ‘ arab, people a’jam, hence they bluff the x’self. And they let the handout by for naming MUI, that I pervert gone the round of [by] seluas-luasnya [of] among society. Although if them ditanya, they [is] evading each other by saying that us [of] religious advices is not errant. The most Allah correctness with all firmannya. Hence [is] there any you getting Iesson ?!

    [Is] conducived to ‘ Jesus of Almasih of child Maryam, as ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir at the time, [is] also opposed [by] a excitement even will be murdered by moslem scholar [of] world at the time. moslem scholar of World of cleft of Timurkah or West, moslem scholar of cleft of East of Tengahkah or South-East Asia, moslem scholar of Indonesiakah or Kairo, moslem scholar [of] Sumatra [of] part of Utarakah or Field, moslem scholar its yahudikah name, if he oppose the ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir, this is moslem scholar suu`, moslem scholar criminal. What is if told in them: ” don’t make the damage on earth”, they say: ” we people shalih”. This is Almasihud dajjal, they will cheat the Allah with its science [is] high, with its charitable [is] any good, with the religious service of shalat fasting which do not omit the, berinfaq, even berhajji many times; they will cheat one who its belief correctness, not merely believe to which first but have believed to final come [by] Allah nowadays, though is not they cheat but they medium cheat themselves, but insane them. [Is] there any you will realize the wahai of people who [of] berkemul with the science, do a good deed and religious service ?!

    More than 1400 year ago have been conducived to also Muhammad SAW child ‘ abdullah, father [of] the Qasim, husband khadijah, Dusty keponaan [of] Thalib as former prophet heir. If if only ‘ Abdullah tell the Muhammad [is] anakku, real correct! but not yet Islam; the Qasim tell the Muhammad [is] ayahku, real correct! but not yet Islam, Khadijah tell the my Muhammad husband, [is] real correct! but not yet Islam, Dusty [of] Thalib tell the Muhammad keponaanku, real correct! hence incoming hell fire [through/ passing] hair and its nail. [Is] also opposed by moslem scholar at the time fought the. Moslem scholar at the time remain to by laguuUlamanya ( nothing like rasul after). They shy at and bluff the x’self do not want to tell the Muhammad of Allah courier [of] and surely mengi’tiqadkannya. They only will tell and mengi’tiqadkan that Muhammad child ‘ Abdullah, Muhammad Father [of] the Qasim, Muhammad of Husband khadijah, Dusty Muhammad Keponaan [of] Thalib and assorted [of] Muhammad. If now they mengi’tiqadkan Muhammad 1400 ago. As flimsy as husk of onion of propaganda of Almasihud dajjal.

    Allaahu akbar 3 x walillaahil hamd

    Wahai [of] people who have believed, [is] the above is true submitted/sent to story you [of] all rasul hopefully become the all Iesson for you. Know the olehmu, its correctness [is] you trust to Allah, God creating sky and earth and that universe regulator, [is] proven [by] when coming rasul Allah to you explaining its sentences [at] a period of/to and its epoch [is] you follow [it] and struggle with [it], because dialah Muhammad which is non Mr. from one or the other [of] boy [of] among you [of] however he/she [is] Courier of Allah and pengesah from all big news carrier.

    Hence [at] this khuthbah, I echo to all you [of] God one Kalam

          

    128 . Really Have come to you a Rasul from kaummu [by] xself, weight felt by your grief nya, [is] very wishing ( belief in God and safety) for you, very pity compassion again Humane to people mukmin

    religious Wahai people who bear with the you and I strengthen your patience and be really stand by the alertness, and godfearing to Allah so that you are Iucky

    Baarakallaahu lii wa lakum fil qur`aanil ‘azhiim. Wanafa’anii wa iyyakum bimaa fiihi minal aayaati wadzdzikril hakiim. Wataqabbala minnii wa minkum tilaawattahu, innahu huwas samii’ul ‘aliim. Aquulu qauli hadzaa, fastagfiruuh, innallaaha gafuurur rahiim.

    KHUTBAH ke-2

    Allaahu akbar …7 x kabiira, walhamdulillaahi katsiira, wa subhaanallaahi bukratan wa ashiila. Alhamdulillaahilladzii anzala ‘alaa ‘abdihil kitaaba wa lam yaj’allahu ‘iwaja.

    Asyhadu an laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahuu laa syariikalah, wa asyhadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhuu rasuuluh.

    Allaahumma shallii wa sallim wa baarik ‘alaa saiyyidinaa Muhammadin wa ‘alaa aalihii wa ashhaabihii ajma’iin.

    ‘amma ba’du fa yaa ‘ibaadallaah : ittaqullaaha mastatha’tum, wa saari’uu ilaa magfiratir rabbil ‘aalamiin.

    Fa qaala ta’aala : innallaaha wa malaa-ikatahuu yushalluuna ‘alannabiyy, yaa aiyyuhalladziina aamanuu shalluu ‘alaihi wa sallimu tasliimaa.

    Allaahumma shallii wa sallim wa baarik ‘alaa saiyyidinaa Muhammad, saiyyidil mursaliin, wa ‘alaa aalihii wa ashhaabihii wa azwaajihii wa dzurriyyatihii ajma’iin. Wardhallaahumma ‘alaa arba’atihil khulafaa-ir raasyidiin, Abii bakrin wa ‘umara wa ‘utsmana wa ‘aliy, wa ‘alaa baqiyyatish shahaabati wattaabi’iin, wa taabi’it taabi’iin waman tabi’ahum bi ihsaanin ilaa yaumid diin, wa ‘alainaa birahmatika yaa arhamar raahimiin.

    Allaahummashlih wulaati jamii’il muslimiin, wanshuril islaama wal muslimiin, wa ahlikil kafarati wal musyrikiin, wa a’li kalimatika ilaa yaumid diin.

    Allaahummagfir lil muslimiina wal muslimaat, walmu`miniina wal mu`minaat, al ahyaa-i minhum wal amwaat, innaka samii’un qariibun mujiibud da’waat, wa yaa qaadhiyal haajaat. Rabbanaa aamannaa bimaa anzalta wattaba’nar rasuula faktubnaa ma’asy syaahidiin.

    our Yaa the infinite, we have believed and follow the Rasul which thou have degrade this time and confirm us as eyewitness.

    Akaana linnaasi ‘ajaban an auhaina ilaa rajulin minhum an andzirin naasa wabasysyirilladziina aamanu annalahum qadama shidqin ‘inda rabbihim. Qaalal kaafiruuna inna hadzaa lasaahirun mubiin.

    Is it upright to become the wonderment for human being that we made a night of it to a men [of] among them, that he warn [at] human being and give the goods news for the people who of religious that for them domicile high beside the infinite them. What infidel oppositely;also tell in fact he/she joke

    Yaa Allah we have submit the thou what have made a night of it to us in the form of Alqur`An to crowded khalayak; hence our pardon for our stupidity submit the thou sentence so that human being [of] around we give the raspberry us

    Yaa Allah we have submit the thou what have made a night of it to us in the form of Alqur`An to crowded society; hence our pardon for our weakness submit the thou sentence so that human being [of] around we groan us

    Yaa Allah we have submit the thou what have made a night of it to us in the form of Alqur`An to crowded society; hence our pardon because number them that thou [do] not want with their will;desire

    Help the us of yaa Allah, because each;every conducived to to them a Rasul, but disagree with their desire hence they bluff the x’self to nya and disobey [it] even they aspire to kill [it] which [is] [is] on suspected [by] them that [is] excellency deed. Help the them of yaa Allah, because august them mamandang [of] lowly deed [is] your side, they look into the ugly deed goodness

    our Yaa Allah have followed the leader which thou have conducive to final [of] this epoch, their [is] medium follow the real step syaithan, by telling [do] not [is] obliged to obey to leader

    Yaa Allah accept our thanks on this day which thou have degrade the our Alqur`An kapada so that thou give the strength to us to echo [it] clearly and bold [of] crowded kekhalayak. So that by Alqur`An [is] which thou degrade to we become the weapon at one blow shield to demolish the sturdy building develop;builded [by] Almasih addajjal

    Yaa Allah protect the us from obsession syaithan damned, from Almsih addajjal, from moslem scholar suu` what sentiasa make the camouflage, what they tell like what me and big news carrier before I tell ” you is to Allah and Rasul”. One who believe to me and to news carrier [of] before reality follow me; one who medium doubt of me and get across [is] me disguised by moslem scholar, dajjal, their syaithan sehinga look into the ugly deed goodness kill all big news carrier before

    Yaa Allah help the us in struggling [at] your religion, winning us from real syaithan, from almasih which Iiar, from virulent moslem scholar ‘ moslem scholar` prophet heir

    Yaa Allah [of] if only we fail in this struggle hence nothing like one who echo the Kalammu yaa Allah. Existing only people who intone the alqur`an with the song sikah, rass, and as kinds of song which they that number [is] alqur`an

    our Yaa Allah have believed by what thou degrade this time, hence make the us syuhada` what [do] not only await the promises syaithan, dajjal, and moslem scholar that Imam Mahdi wait, don’t know when, come the nya; ‘ isa alight from the nymph sky within reason they await the thou of yaa Allah descend in wings of cloud accompanied [by] all last angel [of] thou decide the case, don’t know this world, dimahsyar or heaven wait; [at] matter to Allah brought back [by] all case

    Yaa Arhamar raahimiin, irhamnaa… Yaa Arhamar raahimiin, irhamnaa… Yaa Arhamar raahimiin, irhamnaa…

    Rabbanaa aatinaa fiddunya hasanah, wa fil aakhirati hasanah, wa qina ‘adzaaban naar.

    ‘ibaadallaah. Innallaaha ya`murukum bil ‘adli wal ihsaan, wa iitaa-idzil qur`baa wa yanhaa ‘anil fahsyaa-i wal munkari wal bagy. Ya’iizhukum la’allakum tadzakkaruun, fadzkurullaaha yadzkurkum wad’uuhu yastajiblakum wa ladzikrullaahi akbar. Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

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