Everybody’s doing it!

Do the Twist!

David Davis

Here’s your blogeditor’s score:-


And it’s an excuse for some music, which my junior staff have been too lazy – or too overcome by homework – to air for a while:-

Wonder why that rhythm always makes me think of Walschaerts valve gear?

0 thoughts on “Everybody’s doing it!

  1. Right. I’m going to take this test again, as it’s been a while.

    (like checking for blood pressure, it’s important to keep tabs on one’s own politics)

    How are you anyway David, life treating you well I trust?

    I’ve moved to a dot com now, in case you weren’t aware. Hope to see you on ours soon.

    Take care fella


    John Demetriou

  2. Dave:

    I’m not big on political labels, nor am I into the endless regress of “the meaning of words.” What should be taken seriously are problem-situations, hypotheses, actions, the problems they solve, and the problems they raise.

    I’m a Popper boi….

    I.e. I’m a nominalist, not an essentialist when it comes to words and their meanings.

    Almost invariably, the value of any discussion is inversely proportional to the time spent discussing “the meaning of words.” I don’t think that the prime purpose of philosophy should be the analysis of language.



  3. “You are a center-left social libertarian.
    Left: 2.72, Libertarian: 4 ”

    Foreign Policy: Non-interventionist.
    Culture: Cultural liberal.

    I’m quite happy with that. I feared it may come out as Gramsco-Marxian! 🙂

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