Real bread

David Davis

I don’t normally go out of my way to support people who gas on about what we here satirically and ironically call ___people who really understand their” ___ bread/beans/grain/beef/meat/whatever they are gassing on about in the weekend colour supplements (it just means they are astonishingly expensive and proud of it – a good position to be in) but this just drifted in, and it’s kind of local.

But I shall watch this one as it is up the road, and I’m the Director of Northern Affairs…so I guess there’d better be a few. Some people like bread – I don’t go for it in particular, but (as we also say here) if this was Stalingrad, I would eat it (the bread, I mean, er, not Stalingrad.)

There was an Iragqi woman in the DT Saturday supplement last weekend – she was proferring a _water tap_, at £5,635. We say that  she really understands her taps.


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