Sean Gabb on the BBC re Carol Thatcher

Should the BBC have sacked Carol Thatcher because she said in a private conversation that someone looked like a golliwog? No, says Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance.  Jo Brand was investigated by the police for allegedly inciting violence on BBC 1 against her political opponents. Carol Thatcher used a word. One gets the sack, the other the BBC’s unconditional support. But, then, Jo Brand is part of the New Labour Establishment. Carol Thatcher is the daughter of a Prime Minister who still makes the ruling class shudder.

0 thoughts on “Sean Gabb on the BBC re Carol Thatcher

  1. Wouldn’t have anything to do with CT being the daughter of a famous mother, would it? Chiles and Brand being NuLabour luvvies, would it?

    Golliwogs exist. I have one. It keeps the grandkids away from the fire.

    If the bloke looked like a golliwog, why can’t she say that? Has the word golliwog been banned by law?

    If the bloke looked like a gargoyle, can she not say just that, or has the word gargoyle been banned as well?

    Shame on the snitch, shame on Chiles and Brand and shame on the BBC for its inconsistency. Ross at least had a peiod of suspension tp prepare a case, not that it was needed by the fawning Thompson at the BBC.

    That’s it for me. No more One Show Jo Brand or Chiles. No more BBC – I’m not paying the licence fee any more.

    End of.

  2. It’s the BBC that should be sacked not CT. They are a disgrage to this once proud nation, and they are not fit for purpose any more.

  3. I have given up on the BBC. Fed up with biased reporting. Fed up with biased reporters. Fed up with ‘being banged on’ about Children in Need by Wogan(even though I have nothing against this charity). There are other ones who deserve a better share of mention’ generally ( not five minute sound bites once a week or so). Fed up with e mailing said BBC, both radio and TV who say they listen to listener’s complaints, but show little sign of so doing. Generally, fed up with BBC. The sooner they are thrown into the REAL world the better.

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  5. The BBC chose to fire Carol Thatcher for not broadcasting the word ‘Gollywog’ and not fire Jeremy Clarkson for broadcasting an insult aimed specifically at our Prime Minister (God rest his soul). The reason for this gross act of discrimination by the BBC relates to the fact that the organisation is managed by people who are either practicing members of the loonyPCfringe or are, with good reason, scared of losing their jobs if they aren’t seen to be actively supporting the wave of hysterical political correctness currently devouring our nation. Pusillanimous members of the loonyPCfringe went after Carol rather than Jeremy because they thought, rightly so, that Carol was an easy target. They wouldn’t dare go after Jeremy because most of his supporters still have some semblance of red blood flowing through their veins and would, as one, rise up and stamp every last PC worm into the ground in a trice.

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