It’s such a bummer for one: one has to pay more for one’s brine trizers…..

…when one is dine from the tine.

David Davis

Prince Charles, who talks to plants (sad) and thinks nanobots are grey goo that will eat us all (nerd), and that man has ruined the planet (caveman) is suffering from attenuated profits. He is “hit by the organic slowdown” – whatever that is.

Charles is a free man and is quite intelligent I am convinced if not sat upon by ogres and gremlins, and ought to be allowed to make profits, which creditably he has mostly succeeded in doing, in whatever way pleases him. If he wants to sell highly-priced niche-foods to nimbies and greens and slairs, and slabs, then so be it.

He takes nothing from the Civil List, to his credit, and supports himself. Not that I object to the Civil list: as a minimal-statist-monarchist-Englishman-libertarian, I applaud it, and it is f*****g cheap at the going rate. (I’d give his mum her boat back, and her train: they are harmless and cheap pleasures for the Head of State, in return for liberty.)

You could wish that “Jacqui” “Smith” did likewise: Jesus H Christ – £118,000 allegedly “taken”, for living in someone else’s house. Nice work if you can get it. Hertford SCR should posthumously revoke her membership of the College. If it was me, that would hurt more, and be more humiliating, than repaying the bloody dosh. Here’s what Littlejohn thinks of her today.

But Charles’s advisers (Royals in England who go wrong have been, invariably, “badly advised”) ought to have seen this coming. If the poor sodding bankers who have been hauled over the coals for making the best of the bad job of toxic securitised crud that the Clintonistas left the world to sell on in the 90s, have got gutted by the slabs in parliament today, then at least Charles’s “greenazi-advisers” ought to go through it too.


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