Geert Wilders (never ‘eard of him.) But let’s see how quickly he gets beheaded in the street in London, and then decide who’s more liberal.


UPDATE2:- This is what Obnoxio the Clown thinks of the matter. I didn’t even know Geert Wilders was a Dutch MP and that he’s been kicked out due to some threat or other from some crack-heads from upper-Jipoopooland: sorry, you see we live in Lancashire, we don’t really get multiculti-crack-heads here, ‘cozz it’s miles away, thank God at least that Copper Wire has been discovered, so I can say something and you’ll hear it by August next year…..

UPDATE1:- I gather he’s been deported. Can’t think that Keeley Hazell would approve of that, although of course she might, it’s her choice. However – let us suppose, hypothetically, just suppose – that he’d made a movie about how misogynistically-repressive the Catholic Chruch was, about women.

That it said, for example, that they don’t allow women to be priests….or that women should ordinarily “submit to their husbands’ “demands” ” – whatever that may mean…or, even – wait for it – a movie about “what a Jesuit is really thinking”. You know the sort of thing: sinister backlit shots of faceless, unrecognisable “Jesuits”, silhouetted, saying unmentionable things, such as there is Right and Wrong……

……and that “some things are good, some things are bad”.

D’you think Wilders would get deported for that?

Neither do I.

P’raps it’s because he looks like every young female Gramsco-Marxian teacher’s nightmare-phantasm of a socialist Nazi SS trooper blond beast?

…and…he ought to have worn a nice red tie…..the blueish one is death on stilts…..

Dangerous man, young, white, sinisterly-nordic, politically-incorrect,

Dangerous man, young, white, sinisterly-nordic, politically-incorrect,

  • It’s disturbing how little interest there is in this.

    Watched BBC news live

    News items:

    1. Australia
    2. India
    3. Kenya
    4. Israel
    5. Climate change
    6. Obama
    7. Ingushetia
    8. Pope
    9. West Africa
    10. Japanese economy.
    11. “Far Right Dutch [etc] banned”

    – Interview with “expert” who informs that Fitna is racist because “anti-Islam”

    – Interview with Milliband, dumbest Jew in the world

    – No interview with or comment from Wilders

    Britain: Dead man/woman/transexual walking

    Wilders should go on a tour of European capitals, see who else dares kick him out (or who else dares anger their Muslim overlords by letting him in)

  • Britain takes another step backwards.

    I wonder who’ll be celebrating the most? The baying Islamic mob, or the Gramscian traitors?

  • “Interview with Milliband, dumbest Jew in the world…”

    Yeah, that’s what you get for being one of the smartest ethnic groups in the world… Have you never heard of the intellectual pre-eminence of Jews?


  • I actually don’t mind Rubberband all that much, he seems to me to be wholly corrigible. I reckon a few JD & Cokes down him, them manoeuvre him into a strip club where he’d be whooping and cheering like a dog on heat.

    I do remember though, it was him who came up with the idea for a ‘carbon credit card’ for everyone, to manage their carbon footprint. Perhaps not the work of a fledgling astrodynamicist, but then again, in British politics, what is?

  • If Rubberband is Jewish, I’m shocked. He ought to know better than to work for a mob of FabiaNazi scumbags.

  • Tony,

    I don’t watch the State-Wireless-Tele-Vision “news” programmes. As you know, I find them unhelpful towards scholarship, and uninformative.

    But I doubt that any of those 5,000 articles would refer to items on any kind of data-channel that I would hope that ordinary people would tune to or read. I don’t count “BBC TV News” or “ITN News” or whatever those magazine-progs featuring 13-year-old fathers as a major national news-item are now called. (Hope the poor little mite and his wife do OK – I bet he’ll have a sex-life happier than that of most men born between 1950 and today – where his first experiences are not complicated by chauvinist feminazis!)

    Go down Chorley high street, OM, (you can’t do it in a Facel Vega any more, sorry, it’s sort of paved over for miles and miles) and lean out of the window and ask 500 people these questions:-

    (1) who is Geert Wilders?
    (2) what’s he done?
    (3) when?
    (4) what’s the fuss about?

    If you get more than 25 out of 500 right for ANY question – not just one – I’ll buy you a large dinner at the Bold Hotel, Lord Street, Southport, – it’s very good!

  • Dave:

    Good response!

    Will an Opinion Poll suffice? >:}

    Just for you, I scanned the BBC News Web Site: you can see the results here:

    As you can see, lots of BBC broadcasts.

    I’m not too sure about “If you get more than 25 out of 500 right for ANY question” being possible for almost _any_ person or issue of fact whatsoever. Bell Telephone did a major survey of vocabulary in phone calls, and found that most people used no more than a commin vocabulary of 300 different words (out of 600,000).

    And _all of us_ are inevitaby ignorant of so many things — as a trip around any good reference library shows us strikingly.

    Almost no-one has heard of many of my great heroes, or what they’ve done in their lives — Thales, Anaximander, Anaxagoras, Zoroaster, Cardinal Nicolas of Cusa, Al-Hazen, Descartes, Lao Tzu, Goethe, Schiller, Caspar David Friedrich, Sibelius, Karl Popper, Imre Lakatos, R.A. Waldron, Alfred O’Rahilly, Richard M. Bissell, jr., Noel Gayler, George Kennan, Nanci Griffith, Voltairine de Cleyre, Ray Kurzweil, A.E. van Vogt, Clifford D. Simak, Paul Linebarger, Joan Baez, Ettore Bugatti, Piero Remor, Douglas Trumbull, etc. etc. almost ad infinitum.

    Try this list out on Peter, or anyone you know. Tell us the results!



  • “I don’t watch the State-Wireless-Tele-Vision “news” programmes.”

    I hate to sample-quote on these blog comments, but neither do I. I lost my keys last night. I was sat in my big comfy armchair watching ‘Sicko’ by Michael Moore (I got about half an hour in) when I decided a few Co-Op pizzas and a few bottles of their excellent 58p orangeade and cherryade wouldn’t go amiss.

    On the way I lost my keys, through the £2.50 jogging bottoms Sean warned us about, and, after not finding them despite an extensive search, I had to deal with mainstream television.

    In the first memory I was glad to hear some pirates had been apprehended, something to do with Somalia and the Ukraine.

    And Gordon Ramsay had bought the rights to abuse a set of people in New York. Who ran a restaurant, although the manager was a sunburned verson of me if I hadn’t learned the lessons of life like Oliver fucking Twist. Which I also got five chapters into.

    Dickens is much better than the cunt Ramsay, believe me. And my landlady has good, classical taste, in books.

    Fuck the television. Never. Again.

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