Taking offence: new service-industry entirely created by lawyers and Gramsco-Marxians, without any intellectual aids

David Davis

I don’t know if this will arrive today as WordPress seems (temporarily I hope) to have reverted to dial-up speeds. But hat tip to The landed Underclass for spotting this Michael Bywater article, which is so good it ought to go viral.

However, poor Bywater MUST learn, in true Gramsco-Libertarian fashion, NEVER EVER to refer, even laughingly, to the idea that Political Correctness may have “gone mad”. All this does is legitimise in the eyes of lookers-on the notion that political correctness has some basis in the morality of good-people – as opposed merely to being an ineffably wicked and premeditated construct of bad-people.

Yes. We may mock the pointless mountebank-intellectuals, Bandung-generation-hangers-on, and all the other associated useless-mouths and wastes-of-space – some with Kalashnikovs, some with DNA databases, some with surveillance camerae, some without any or all of these things –  who originally formulated the idea of PC. but WE must never forget how irremediably evil and wicked they are, and how and why they want to depopulate a world fit for them to live in as pre-capitalist barbarian neopastoralist murderers.


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