Driver stopped by police for laughing

David Davis

They’re going to lose the general Election (unless they can rig it or cancel it) so now the gloves are off properly. Now, “Laughing behind the wheel can be an offence”.

I don’t think there’s any pretence any more that the level of civil society which we took centuries to evolve, sometimes painfully, is disappearing.

The Police are behaving openly like an occupying army, now turning to prosecuting laughing-gas-emissions. They are ideologically aided and abetted by the GreeNazis, whose job is to make the visibly-unpoliced part of your life as uncomfortable, painful and short as possible. They want you to freeze in the dark, have natural childbirth, eat muddy stunted “organic” food (no meat allowed) grown “locally” under periodic famine conditions and boiled without salt, walk everywhere, and have no internet or antibiotics.

It  _has to_  be wondered: what kind of person wants to do one of these jobs? A policeman in Blair-Brown’s open prison, or a GreeNazi-quangocrat imposing Gramsco-Marxianism on your fellow men – but not, ostensibly, yourself and yours.

I have no clue what the motivation could be to want to do this.

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